Deep Dive into Starbuzz NAR Heat Management System

What is a Heat Management System or Device? It is a device that allows you to monitor and adjust the amount of heat that you like to add to your hookah tobacco. There are many heat management devices available in the market, but one device has clearly beaten all its competitors. It is a proud creation of Starbuzz Tobacco – Starbuzz NAR Heat Management System. Not only it is effortless to assemble and use, but it also offers a bunch of advantages to avid hookah smokers. Let us give you a quick idea of how you can get started with NAR.

  1. Let us take NAR out. All the parts are separate at this point in time. Start with fastening beneath the thermostat. Below the thermometer, there is a screw that can get loose during the shipping. You can quickly tighten it with a pair of pliers or an adjustable wrench.
  2. The next step is to pick the best fitting bowl for NAR. Though most of the bowls go well with it, we will still share which one will be the best one to pair NAR with. It is around 7.6 cm or 3 inches wide, which means a bowl with a width of 3 inches will make the best fit.  
  3. Now, let’s come to the coals. There are quick light and coconut shell coals available in the market, but it is the later one that gives you clean and extended smoke sessions. These coconut shell coals are also available in two primary shapes: flats and cubes. If you are going for flats, we suggest you have three of them, while two would be perfectly enough in the case of cubes. There is no need to heat NAR, but if you want, you can do that. It is up to you.
  4. Use a tong and place the heated coals inside the bottom half of the NAR. Make sure the coals are not covering the hole, which is in the middle of the bottom of the device. Now unscrew the handle from the bottom part of the NAR.
  5. Place the top half on the bottom part of the NAR. Once in position, now you can unscrew the handle from it as well. Whenever you need to move the heated NAR, don’t risk touching it with hand, screw it the handles and move. You can move the top handle to adjust the vent as well. This helps to regulate the heat inside NAR. Open the vents if you want to lower the temperature. If you’re going to make your hookah stronger, keep the vents closed. It will increase the heat inside and add a strong punch to your tobacco. The thermometer at the top of NAR keeps you updated about the temperature changes inside.

Starbuzz NAR Heat Management is your key to a personalized hookah session. Now only it gives you an instant smoke session but also helps you regulate the heat for your hookah. If you want to give your hookah a significant upgrade, don’t forget to try Starbuzz NAR Heat Management Device.

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