Starbuzz Wild Mint

Starbuzz has been giving hookah smokers quality and splendid shisha tobacco since 2005 and their Exotic line is just one of them. With over 70 flavors to choose from this one lineup, Wild Mint has become a top pick for many for various reasons. The most popular reason is its subtle but refreshing flavor even though it falls under the mint category. Starbuzz has made its Wild Mint a possible foundation for a homemade combination with other delicious varieties, such as Watermelon or used as a standalone flavor. Either way, you will soon have this on your favorite list for sure because it doesn’t disappoint.

Wild Mint carries the typical Starbuzz cut that also that renown buzz without being overwhelming. The juice factor is high with this shisha tobacco! You need to make sure to mix up the shisha well before packing your bowl to enjoy the full burst of moistness in your smoke. On another note, the juice factor allows for easier mixing if you plan on adding another flavor or two to your bowl, just combine in a separate plate for best results and then begin packing. Wild Mint is a modernized version of ole’ mint that many can enjoy.

Starbuzz Wild Mint can be found in various sized presentations, the smallest being 50 grams and the largest a 1-kilogram tub. With all the available sizes in between, you will easily find the one that best suits your needs. As a bonus, all packaging is designed to keep your shisha fresh for as long a possible while making it an easy to handle and easy to store way of smoking. Since Wild Mint is from the Exotic line up, you can be assured of an unusual yet amazing taste, made from the golden leaf tobacco. It is the perfect blend of mint and sweetness that takes away the harsh factor of the average mint flavor. Instead of a clearing of your nostrils, you will find solace in a sweet intake of full mint flavor that is more crisp than cold.

Another great characteristic known to Starbuzz is their tobacco’s ability to create superb clouds. Expect the famous thick, pillow-like clouds that are a great feature to see and do smoke tricks with. Wild Mint gives you just that. The only cautionary tip to take is that it can require careful heat management of coals to avoid burning, which will reduce the full impact and uniqueness of this Wild Mint flavor.  However, most experienced hookah smokers have heat management under control or a handy HMD.

If you were on the lookout to smoke a pack of mint gum; getting the full blast of flavor without the sting of overpowering mint, then Wild Mint is for you. It is more of a candied mint, but that doesn’t stray from the refreshing notes all mint flavored shisha should carry. The flavor is smooth and long lasting. You are sure to taste and smell the flavor throughout your session without any worries

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