Spark up Your Collection with the Very Classy Starbuzz Unicus Hookah

There are over 40 amazing hookahs with stunning designs and attributes in Starbuzz’s Hookah line. However, there is one petite, classy hookah that you cannot afford to miss – it is the Starbuzz Unicus. Do not fall for the accessories that come with the hookah, instead check out the material it is made of, sturdiness, design, and other significant qualities that make it different from any other hookah of its price range. So, this is Starbuzz Unicus Hookah for you.

  • Basic Features. Unicus stands around 17-inches tall. It is neither too big to maintain and manage nor too small to go unnoticed. It comes with all the essential components of good quality which includes a bowl, glass base, hookah stem, tray, hose and a pair of tongs from Starbuzz.
  • Compact. Starbuzz Unicus is a compact hookah that comes in a beautiful small box. There is a strap attached that allows you to carry it around. It is so handy that you would prefer smoking more frequently than any other.
  • Quality Components. When you open the travel-friendly package of Starbuzz Unicus, the first thing that will grab you notice the Unicus downstem is sturdy, durable and comparatively heavier than many of its peers. You would be glad to know that it is also rust and corrosion resistant, which means you are going to enjoy its company for several years. The stem comes in two-part which can be easily screwed in to form the entire stem structure. Every component is made of high-quality, durable material that adds strength to it. 

The hose that comes with it is a leather-wrapped one with a wooden tip. The tray is robust and large enough to hold your heated coals and even catch the flying ashes.

The base is made of toughened glass and looks ethereal. The delicate frosted patterns engraved on it contributes towards its overall beauty. Fill it with an optimal amount of water to enjoy crisp, dense, delicious smoke clouds.

  • Color Options. Starbuzz Unicus’s elegant design would entice you instantly. It is that one classy work of art that will complete the interiors of your home. On that, the manufacturer has availed into six lively colors. Firstly, it is black – classy and chic, blue – shockingly fresh, green – bright and eye-catchy, red – bold and beautiful, pink – lively, and lastly the purple – elusive. Be prepared; you might have trouble choosing which color is looking better than the others. 
  • Smoking Experience. Whether you are new or a seasoned hookah smoker, it would hardly take you two minutes to set up the hookah piece. It got everything like adapter, grommets, tongs to enjoy smoking hookah with utmost convenience. Don’t be fooled by its petite height; it is one of the most renowned hookahs around.

The little beauty comes for only $49.99. On making a total purchase of $100 or more, you will get free shipping around the US. Moreover, you get a three days return policy and a very efficient Starbuzz online support for your assistance. No matter how many hookahs you have, this compact, travel friendly Starbuzz Unicus is going to be your new favorite.  

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