Check out These Delicious New Khalil Mamoon Flavors of 2020

Khalil Mamoon is not only into crafting some stunning hookah pieces but also some delicious flavor blends. These days, everyone loves savoring a flavorsome bowl from a super-stylish hookah set. However, centuries back, it was more than a trend or hobby. It was cherished as a cultural tradition for several centuries. Since its commencement in 1873, Khalil Mamoon has been offering the hookah community some exquisite, traditionally styled hookah. Now, the brand has included some vast collection of tobacco to compliment your session.

This year in 2020, Khalil Mamoon has introduced some fantastic shisha flavors, which would take you to a new exciting world of exotic flavors. Here is a quick overview of Khalil Mamoon’s latest hookah tobaccos of 2020.

  1. Blue Dreams. It is one pleasurable amalgamation of refreshing coolness of mint and tartness of blueberries. However, you are suggested to not to mistake it for the usual blueberry mint blends. Khalil Mamoon Blue Dreams is going to keep you chilled and relaxed in the heated summer days.
  2. Moodasia Block. It is time to get blown away by this Khalil Mamoon shisha flavor which combined the juicy flavors of popular tropical fruits and perfected it with an incredible cooling sensation. No matter what time you are packing it, Khalil Mamoon Moodasia Block is a winner.
  3. Moodasia. This shisha features the sweetness, tartness and creaminess of some nice, topical flavors. Khalil Mamoon Moodasia takes no time to end your exhaustion and cheer you up.
  4. Oso Blanco. Who could think of mixing gummy bears with the citrusy fruit flavors? Khalil Mamoon did. Orange, pineapples, raspberries, already taste great but adding Gummy Bears inevitably brought out the kid inside us.
  5. Oso Rojo. Khalil Mamoon Oso Rojo Hookah is a gem. Among all the fruit blends available in the market Oso Rojo has clearly managed to stand out from the rest. Apart from the tasty juicy fruits like strawberry and pineapple, it got a nice icy chillness that earned it some well-deserved brownie points.
  6. Lemon Touch. You can never have enough of these fresh lemons – they are sweet, tangy, and so much refreshing. It got a secret flavor addition that makes it even more robust and enjoyable.

The manufacturer has handcrafted all the delicacies with the top-quality Virginian tobacco leaves that add a specific flavor profile to the shishas. You are going to have a very tough time deciding the flavor you will pack your next bowl with. They are refreshingly unique and promise to make an explosion of flavors in your hookah session. There are some new Khalil Mamoon Egyptian Hookahs launched in 2020. Don’t miss out on checking them out as well.

Coming to the next exciting part, Khalil Mamoon is excited to finally introduce their Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookahs and new shishas to the US. If you make a purchase of $100 or more, you will get free shipping throughout the nation. 

So, what are you waiting for? Order your favorite new Khalil Mamoon shisha now.

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