When Classic Becomes Bold and Delicious,You Get Apple Doppio

Today, we are going to talk about this excellent hookah tobacco flavor from the house of Starbuzz. If you got a craze for hookahs, then you must have heard about the brand. It is one of the prominent brands in the hookah industry and has an excellent line of tobacco mixes. Starbuzz has four unique series of shishas. Among these series, there is ‘Bold’ line, which is all about mysterious, spicy blends of flavors with some great buzz. In this series, your known flavors also get a daring twist. This collection offers you a tasty hookah session with thick smoke clouds. Well, in this blog, we are going to ponder over one such tobacco, Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio. Let’s jump onto the tobacco now.

Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio: How Does It Taste?

Good question! Before we go to the tastes, let’s give you a quick insight on how it smells. The moment you open the container, you get the aroma of two kinds of apple. That is the scent of Double Apple. In the world of hookah, it is a very classic shisha mix. Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco has introduced some mysterious spicy notes in it, giving it a total facelift, making it bolder and different from all the other Double Apple flavors flooding the market. Probably, it got anise in there. Why don’t you smoke it and see what this mysterious flavor is? However, it doesn’t end there. You will also notice some amazing cool minty effects.

Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio: How Robust It Is?

Being a part of the Bold line, it is very robust for sure. You can fluff pack it if you are not a big fan of some good buzz.

Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio: How Long Will It Go?

This Starbuzz Shisha got high juice content making it ideal for long smoke sessions. Well, the quantity of shisha you pack and the coals you use also decide the quality and duration of your hookah session. If you do a dense pack, it will be more robust and extended. Be sure of one thing, you are going to enjoy its amazing flavors throughout lengthy sessions.

Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio: How Is the Smoke Output?

Dense! It goes without saying that all the Starbuzz flavors are famous for their exceptional smoke output. They are not only thick and dense but also delicious. So, if you are looking for some great flavors and smoke output, go for Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio. This bold and beautiful shisha will never let you down.

This is a very unique and excellently prepared bolder version of the classic Double Apple Shisha. If you are tired of tiring your regular Double Apple, go for this. It is available in multiple quantity options. You can begin with a small amount, and if you like it, then purchase it in bulk. Another tip from the avid hookah smokers always goes for the coconut shell coals. They are organic, clean, and give you pure flavors and a great experience!

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