AI Trends in 2017

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is moving ahead faster than any one human can keep up with it.  We are about to launch into an unprecedented era of advancement related to Artificial Intelligence(AI).

I have been working on and off with neural networks since 2000 and the trends in the last few years with increased parallel processing capacity with GPUs, availability of endless data to run models, and the improvement of models has led to unprecedented advancements in AI.

This is a high level article that will document what we are learning as we move ahead in 2017.  Its meant to be a starting gateway into AI trends.

1.  Increased Advancement and Usage of Voice Interaction of AI platforms. (Siri, Alexa, GoogleNow, Cortana,Watson)
2.  A Surge in Natural Language Understanding technology and increased usage of interactions like Chatbots.
3.  Huge advancements in the delivering of AI in the cloud.  Its a freaking crazy race with all the different major technology players to get you to use their cloud infrastructure to run your AI technology from.  Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and others are working super hard to get you to use their platforms for Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and all sorts of AI based problems.

I will create a separate article to go into more details about different industry usage of AI.

Technologies being used today:
Generative Adversarial Networks
Recurrent Neural Networks
Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) Recurrent Neural Network

Here is a presentation I gave recently at a conference with a focus on AI Current and Future Trends in Content Creation.

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