What if we can change the WORLD today? Would you act on it? Would you just simply shrug off your shoulders and walk away? These are just some of the things that have been lingering in my mind from my childhood days, up until this very moment. Growing up, I have seen a concrete distinction of cultures, viewpoints and all to later on realize that this in a way is still quite an awkward, unwelcoming world that we live in. I have always enjoyed the view of different kinds of people with different ideas and walks of life get together in one place. I never realized back then that it is just a side of the coin that I have been seeing from the blindside. Hence, I grew up with the impression that everything on earth is nothing, but PERFECT and no other word can describe it as awesome as this one impacting adjective can. I am proud to be a Filipino, I live by our culture and traditions although I know that like a failed system our culture has glitches too that of course may not be seen by a naked eye.

                        My cousin married a retired American soldier. My former workmate also married a native American. Every year, the number of tourists surmount that we even had to close a tourist spot, ( Boracay ) just to make sure that we preserve the beauty of nature. Our government decided to make a bold move to preserve this awesome tourist spot for the children of the next generation. I would say that this move paid off, because of Boracay’s rejuvenated beauty after undergoing a series of rehabilitation protocols. Westerns perceive us Filipinos as reserved, smart, hospitable but the most diligent individuals.

                              My sister moved to the United States of America March of  2000. Ever since she has just gone home one time last July of 2017. She now holds a green card and is married to another Filipino who has been living there for over twenty years. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of African Americans, Indians, Nigerians and so on either to work, do business ( like investing in properties ), spend their vacation or last but definitely not the least, date Filipinas. Now that I have worked for some prestigious call centers here in the Philippines, I have come to further realize that we all have different beliefs, vibe, religious denominations/beliefs but it all boils down to one thing, to achieve a harmonious place to live in. That word is RESPECT. We don’t really have to expect everyone to understand our respective cultures the way that we do. But the bottom line is if we all learn to respect our differences, no matter what the color of your skin is, whether you belong to a third world country or not, so long as we show respect with each and every individual. If not perfect, then it would have been so close to PERFECT and a happy, peaceful and harmonious place to live in.

             Have you thought about these things recently? If yes, how do you go about it and why?




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