Starbuzz NAR Guest Post

How do you generally smoke your hookah? Probably, you cover the bowl with aluminum foil and packing it with your favorite tobacco flavors. Then you cover the bowl with aluminum foil and poke some holes, place some red-hot coals on the top of it. It is a traditional way to set up a hookah. However, over time hookah enthusiasts have noticed a few drawbacks like tasting coal in the tobacco, coals getting cold quickly. Above all, the tobacco doesn’t get as hot as you want it to be. All these issues lead Starbuzz to bring you NAR Head, a revolutionary HMD or Heat Management Device that intends to end all your hookah problems.

There are numerous high-quality Heat Management Systems in the market, but Starbuzz NAR Head HMD is much different from them. NAR Head got a heavy-duty and robust construction. It is meant to match up with any hookah bowl.

The biggest problem of traditional hookah-smoking style is that often the coal ashes get mixed in the tobacco. It gives out an awful bad coal taste. Moreover, there are some extra carcinogens.  Starbuzz has finally won this challenge and modernized the way how one used to smoke a hookah. A great feature of NAR Head design is that instead of placing the airflow vents at the bottom, they are positioned on its sides. It prevents the coal ashes from getting down to the bowl.

Unlike any other HMD Starbuzz NAR Head facilitates instant smoking sessions as you can put it on the burner along with your coals and heat them simultaneously. It saves you the time you generally spent waiting for the tobacco to get heated after placing the coals inside the HMD. Moreover, once warmed, the NAR Head can go on for several session without heating it once again.

Every hookah smoker has his preference; some like it cold while some prefer it hot, and it often becomes difficult to assess the temperature. So, Starbuzz added a thermostat to the NAR Head top that gives you the exact reading of the heat inside. When you know how hot it is, you can easily control it. Starbuzz took care of that also – there are some air vents on the top that you can open and shut as per your liking. If it got too scorching hot for you, open the vents. If you need some more heat to your tobacco, close them but use a flat tong. Just keep an eye on the thermostat at the top of NAR head, and you are good.

Nobody wants a burn – no matter how careful you are, there is a risk to handle Heat Management Devices as they have blazing hot charcoals inside. For this reason, Starbuzz included two datable handles to it. You can easily screw it in singlehandedly. When not required, remove them.  You can use it as soon as you take it out of the box. 

Starbuzz is glad to bring you this innovative Heat Management Device and revolutionize your sessions. Get your Starbuzz NAR Head today and enjoy nothing but the pure taste of your Hookah tobacco!

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