Antique Bedroom Furniture

Antique Bedroom Furniture

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  1. Antique bedroom furniture is becoming increasingly popular. This rise in popularity is no surprise to antique collectors. A popular saying is that”old is good”. This statement stands true when antique bedroom furniture comes to mind. Older furniture was primarily constructed out of hard wood, pine wood, or brass and iron. These materials allow for a sturdy long lasting build. In addition to the sturdiness of antique furniture there is also the aesthetic appeal that antique bedroom furniture adds to a room. There are several key aspects to consider when purchasing antique bedroom furniture. 

    Key Aspects to Know Before Buying

    There are several key aspects to consider when purchasing antique bedroom furniture. In addition to the comfort level and aesthetic qualities of the furniture piece the buyer should also consider if they are purchasing a true antique or a reproduction. True antique bedroom furniture often has several distinguishing features such as scroll work, special identifying marks of the manufacturer, or material used. It is always best to write up a quick checklist of what to look for before going shopping. Remember that, when dealing with antiques, what you see is not always what you get.

    Another aspect to consider is size. Many antique bedroom sets were only designed to fit a twin or full size mattress. If a Queen or King set is the desired preference then a reproduction piece would be the obvious choice. It will give the same antique look to the room without sacrificing the sleeping area. Keep in mind that when it comes to antique beds there are many choices so a buyer is not limited to one or two styles.

    A final key factor in choosing the proper antique bedroom furniture is space. Many antique sets featured a nightstand for both sides of the bed and possibly an armoire or wardrobe and wash stand. This, of course, all depends on what time period interests the buyer. As time periods and needs changed so did the furniture design. For example, a Louis XVI design would have a bed, two nightstands, armoire, and possibly a wardrobe. If a pioneer or Colonial style is chosen the a bed, two nightstands, armoire, and wash stand would be a more likely set. Pieces can of course be swapped out or not purchased at all in order to fit the décor and size of the room which allows for a wider range of personalization as well.

    Caring for Antique Furniture

    Every piece of antique bedroom furniture is different. The care for the furniture set will depend greatly on the materials used for its production. However, there are some basic cleaning tips that should be kept in mind. To properly care for antique wood pieces a special wood wax or oil soap should be applied at least once a week. It is advisable that you do not use pure modern furniture oil on antique wood. The modern oils will dry the wood out and possibly ruin the stain leaving behind a dull finish. For iron framed pieces a mild soap once per month will keep the iron clean from dust and buildup. If the pieces are made of brass or copper then a similar specialty soap should be chosen so that the brass does not tarnish or dull.

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