Antique Dishes

Antique Dishes

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  1. Antique dishes are beautiful and are a rare find but sometimes it is hard to tell if a dish is an antique. But, there are steps you can take to find out if a dish is an antique and if it is authentic.

    First, if possible find out the pattern information and the name of the manufacturer. Look on the bottom of the dish and you may find a number. This number or mark will help to identify the location and when the piece was made. This mark is also important in order to secure the authenticity of the dish.

    Then, go to the Internet and search for more information, using the pattern detail information on the dishes. The Google search engine should provide helpful information when you give the pattern and maker details of the piece.

    In addition, check out antique guide publications. Flea markets and antique shops may also provide helpful information. In some antique shops you may find the value of your piece, based on similar pieces you find that come from the same maker or era of the piece you have.  

    Or, you could ask the owner of an antique shop to appraise your dishes. Those who have been in the antique business for a long time know the detailed information about antiques and may know how much your dishes are worth, simply by looking at them. Even if they can’t tell by looking at them the worth of the pieces, they will most likely have the resources that will help them decide the value of the dishes. 

    If you are looking for unique antique dishes, but it is also important to check the condition of the dish. Often on antique dishes there will be signs of age such as cracks, food stains, scratches and other impurities. And, look for date stamps. Looking at the bottom of a dish will often reveal the date of manufacturing.

    Something to keep in mind is that age and value do not always mean that the piece is valuable. And, performing a product research is highly advised, for this will give you much information on the piece. Antique dishes usually become more valuable in time, especially if they were produced in limited quantities.

    In addition, when determining if an antique dish is valuable it is also advised to consider other factors such as its relevance to history, social appeal and how useful the item is. Particular items that are recognized being a part of a certain time period or have a feeling of novelty, can be worth a great deal more than a dish that is much older. Also, the workmanship can also add value to a piece, offering unique details that other similar pieces may not have.

    When buying antique dishes, it is important to know where they can be found. Often antique dishes can be found at public auctions and estate sales. If you go to an antique auction, be sure to decide ahead of time, on what your limit will be when bidding. Emotions often run high when participating in an auction, so be sure to set some guidelines on how much you will spend.


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