Tips on Remodeling Your Living Room

Tips on Remodeling Your Living Room

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  1. Whats Your Flavor

    Looking to do a living remodel and don’t know where to begin?  Well it’s simple and you do not have to break the bank to accomplish the look that you want.  When deciding to redesign any room, you have to first figure out what kind of vibe you are going for.  What look are you trying to achieve.  Simple, clean, edgy, modern, contemporary or traditional; What’s your flavor?  Once you decide that, next you need to figure in a budget.  A  redesign does not neccessarily mean buying everything brand new. 

    Small Budget

    For the redesign on the small a small budget, combine some old and new pieces.  Buying new furniture can be costly. If you want a new to you furniture, invest in slip covers for sofas and chairs.  If you are planning on using vibrant colors, then its best to keep couches neutral.  You can add pops of color with pillows and throw blankets.

    Paint is a really inexpensive fix, that can complety alter a room.  Paint boring wall colors and add some personailty.  You can add personailty with accent walls.  Add one bold color to the theme of the room, combined with neutral hues, it can really take any room to the next level.

    Wall art is an important tip on living room design.  Give the room balance with wall art that compliments the room well. Bold, dark frames are in style, with light interiors.  Also, decorate with not only picture frames, but with decorative art pieces.  Pick pieces that are unique to you, but still in line with the theme of the room.

    More Tips.

    1. Pick your style

    2. Choose a theme

    3. Have plenty of lighting to balance the room

    4. Smaller size rooms, use lighter colors

    5. Use accent pillows on sofa

    6. Balance the room with furniture.

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