Inexpensive Bedroom Storage Ideas

Inexpensive Bedroom Storage Ideas

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  1. Even a spacious bedroom might not be big enough to hold all of your belongings. From clothes and accessories to shoes, books and toys, the items in a bedroom can vary widely, and finding one storage solution for everything is often a challenge. Moreover, you don’t want to spend big bucks on your bedroom storage solutions. Fortunately, there are several inexpensive bedroom storage ideas that can work within anyone’s budget.

    Under-the-Bed Storage

    The space under your bed can be an ideal spot to store items. No one can see it, and, as a result, the storage solution does not have to be aesthetically pleasing. It simply needs to be functional. Head to your nearest big-box store, and pick up large plastic containers with lids. Fill them with items that you don’t use often. Take those out-of-season clothes that are cluttering your closet, fold them up and place them in the bins under your bed. Shoes that you don’t wear often or your purse collection can find a spot in those under-the-bed bins as well.


    Baskets are reasonably priced and can serve a number of storage functions in your bedroom. Place a basket on top of your dresser to store those bath and body products that you have scattered throughout your room. Fill a small basket by your bed with those books and magazines that you read before you go to sleep. Baskets work well in your bedroom closet as well. If you don’t have a dresser, you can improvise in your closet by placing socks, underwear and costume jewelry in baskets in your closet.


    You don’t need an expensive, custom-made shelving unit for your closet to maximize storage space in your bedroom. You can find reasonably priced shelving units, or simple stacked shelves to hang on a wall, at many big-box stores. Add shelves to your closet to help you keep it organized. Get your shoes off of the bedroom floor, and organize them on a closet shelf. Shelves on your bedroom walls can be multifunctional, serving as storage as well as a decorative element in the room. If you’re an avid reader, organize your books on shelves to keep your personal library well organized. You can add home accessories, such as a candle or vase, to add a decorative touch to this smart storage solution.


    Hooks are an inexpensive but useful way to store items in your closet. You can choose practical hooks, such as plastic ones that you stick on the wall, or you can get creative and use decorative hooks with some stylistic flair. Either way, these hooks are a useful place to store items that you should hang up — but often don’t. Place a hook by the door of your bedroom to store the coat you wear every day. Fill an empty wall in your closet full of hooks. Hang purses, necklaces, scarves or ties on them to maximize space in your closet.

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