Fitness Benefits of Rowing

Fitness Benefits of Rowing

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  1. Rowing can be a great exercise–be it a rowing machine or when rowing on a boat. If you are rowing to lose weight, stay in shape or compete on the water, rowing is an all-around great exercise because it benefits most of the body.

    Rowing is Great for Better Flexibility

    The exercise benefits that come from rowing uses muscles in a wide motion–unlike other exercise routines. When one rows the muscles are improved and help to keep the major joints more flexible. This kind of exercise is more satisfying than other exercise routines because of the sense of motion the exercise offers to the one exercising.

    What about Calories?

    Rowing is a great way to lose weight. Research has shown in the past that rowing in a consistent way burns more calories than if you were biking. Some say that rowing feels "easier" to do than biking–less strenuous. In a half hour’s time on a rower, almost 200 calories can be burned.

    Stress and an Increase of Cortisone

    We all feel stress in our lives and sometimes stress can affect our health–especially if it is ongoing and not treated in an effective way. Stress also causes chemical changes in the body–changes that affect our cortisol levels. If these cortisol levels are left unchecked or treated, they can have a negative effect on our bodies. High levels of stress, as many know, can cause many health issues to occur such as heart disease, headaches, insomnia and various health concerns for women such as ovarian cysts. To help relieve the stress in our bodies, rowing can be quite effective in reducing the tension in our lives. To lessen the stress, lower emotional tiredness and depression, regular exercising on a rower can work wonders!

    What about the Rowing and the Environment?

    When you row–either on an inside rowing machine or outside on a small boat–you are not causing an environmental noise or pollution from an outboard power boat. This is an added bonus to this kind of exercise because all you’re doing on a rower is improving yourself–physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Rowing Speeds up your Fitness Goals

    Whether you row inside or out, research has shown that rowing will help you reach your fitness goals faster and also relieve you of emotional concerns, too. It is the consistent movement of rowing that helps a person to not only lose weight quicker but also maintain good health–once the fitness goals have been reached.

    To conclude, rowing is a great exercise, is not harmful to the environment and is a great way to lose weight quickly and safely. As with any exercise, always check with your physician first to see if your are ready for this exercise.

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