How to Make a Consistent Exercise Schedule

How to Make a Consistent Exercise Schedule

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  1. In today’s fast paced world it may seem impossible to find the time to add exercise to your daily schedule.  Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy mind and body.  Without it, you may start to develop health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes due to unwanted weight gain.  Because daily exercise has also been linked to lower stress levels, developing anxiety or depression could also be a side effect of lack of exercise.  To ensure that exercise does not disappear from your life, it is important to follow steps to consistently schedule your daily exercise.

    Select the time of day

    There are some theories that suggest that exercising in the morning may increase your calorie burn throughout the day.  Others suggest that by exercising in the morning you are more apt to stick to your routine, while waiting until the evening may cause exercise to be overshadowed by other daily duties related to work and family. Regardless of whether you choose to exercise in the morning or some other time of day the main goal is to select the time of day that fits best into your daily schedule.

    Schedule an Exercise Appointment

    One of the biggest reasons that people skip exercise is because they do not give it the priority that they do their other daily appointments.  Daily exercise needs to be a priority and therefore needs to be scheduled right along with your other daily priority appointments.  If you give it the same level of importance you will give it the time it deserves.  Add it to your appointment book or Blackberry when scheduling the rest of your daily appointments.

    Choose Your Workout

    Most fitness experts agree that varying your daily exercise between cardio and weight training is the best way to see results.  When scheduling your daily exercise determine what days of the week you will be doing cardio and which days you will be doing weight training.  Once you have decided on the days of the week it is then necessary to determine what your specific workout will be.  Whether it’s kickboxing or spinning for your cardio workout or yoga or free weights for weight training the main point is that you have a plan for your daily exercise.

    Share Your Exercise Goals with Others

    Finally, share your daily exercise goals with those in your life that rely on you.  Having a positive support system in your spouse and children is very important in maintaining a daily exercise schedule.  It’s easy to get sidetracked with the daily demands of raising a family so it’s important that everyone understands the expectations of what you need from them to help you reach your exercise goals.  

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