How to Exercise While Sitting

How to Exercise While Sitting

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  1. There are many who think that exercising requires certain equipment or accomplished by running, walking or swimming. However, there are exercises you can do by sitting on a chair.

    Try an Arm Stretch

    To do this exercise, sit in a strong chair and put your back against the chair back. Put your feet together and keep them on the ground in front of you. The, lift both of your arms high above your head and hold them there for about five seconds and then slowly lower each arm until they are level with your shoulders.

    Then, once your arms are level move your wrists until your hands are flat–like you were pushing against a wall. Keep pushing and stretching your arms. Once you are finished relax your arms on your lap and then do the exercise again. Try doing these exercises 8-10 times.

    Try a Body Lift

    Another exercise you can do sitting down is a Body Lift. Find a strong chair that has arms and then sit down and place your back gently against the back of the chair. Then, put your feet together with your legs stretched out. Then, grip the arms of the chair with your hands. Press and lift your body out of the chair. Next. hold this position for about five seconds and then gently sit back down. Do this eight to ten times. Throughout the exercise keep your feet together and legs straight for maximum effect.

    Exercise is great for the body but as you can see, several effective exercises can be done while sitting in a chair. Still another way to exercise in a chair is to sit in a chair but do not lean backwards. Then, lift up your legs from the ground as far as you can. Once you feel that your knees are locking, stop. Slowing place your legs back to the ground. Do this at least six to eight times. One last chair exercise is by putting out your arms in front of you and wiggling your fingers. Do this for about 30 seconds and then place your arms back to your sides.

    These exercises will help keep you fit and will also help relieve arthritic pains in the back and legs.

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