Antique Perfume Bottles

Antique Perfume Bottles

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  1. Antique Perfume Bottles

    When viewing antique perfume bottles today, we are reminded of a time when owning perfume was considered a luxury. It was found on the dressing tables or bureaus of rich and famous ladies. Representing the beauty inside, collectors and viewers alike are inspired by these beautiful perfume holders. Collecting beautiful antique bottles is a fascinating hobby for many people and is a nice addition to any home decor. Whether you put them on a windowsill, dressing table, mirrored vanity, or in a lighted cabinet, they will bring culture and nostalgia to those who view them.

    History of Perfume Bottles

    The use of perfume goes back to the early days of Egyptians, then spreading to the Romans and Greeks. Some antique perfume bottles have been found dating back to 1000 B.C. Early bottles were mainly made of terra cotta, but in the 1st century glass blowing was discovered which brought on elaborate perfume bottles and by the 13th century more ornate bottles were prevalent. European and Venetian glass bottles continued as a form of art through the 18th century, then porcelain bottles were discovered and found to be fashionable because they were shaped like fruits, animals, birds, or flowers. By the end of the 18th century, silver and gold perfume holders came about but were not distributed very well. A French jeweler named Rene Lalique, influenced the perfume industry with elaborately etched glass bottles, in the 1900’s.

    Various Styles of Antique Perfume Bottles

    Most collectors of perfume bottles will find that these are available in cut glass with etched or molded glass stoppers. Very ornate ones feature elaborate carvings or figures on the glass stoppers and come in many different colors that include purple, pink, green, clear, and blue. A lot of these antique perfume bottles are from Czechoslovakiaand are dated back to 1930. Later on bottles included an atomizer with a little ball that pumps perfume. Usually an atomizer might include a tassel and will be covered in some kind of fabric. The size of a perfume holder depends on the nature of the atomizer or stopper, ranging from 2 3/8" up to 7" tall. Most bottles measure in the 4" or 5" range and some 2" models are made for pocket or purse. The price you will pay for an authentic antique bottle varies widely. A Czechoslovakian etched bottle goes for around $250.00, a Victorian bottle made of metal and encased with rhinestones runs about $100.00 and an enameled one of the same Victorian eras can be found for $40.00. Perfume companies produce sample bottles and are sometimes more valuable than the regular sizes.

    If you are thinking of starting a collection of vintage perfume bottles, you will be amazed and soon captivated by all the beautiful colors and sizes of these treasures. Adding to your collection requires keeping up with garage sales, estate sales, antique malls, and browsing flea markets. Terrific opportunities and locations are everywhere. Don’t forget about elderly relatives that might have kept perfume bottles they received years ago. If you like to shop online or use auction sites on the internet, make sure to check the photos carefully so you know what you bid on. Perhaps you might enjoy collecting a whole line of one brand such as Estee Lauder, Shalimar, or Lalique collectible perfumes. Many people put themes to their perfume displays using holiday, spring, or Christmas collections. Doing some research on these will help you know just what bottle design to look for and makes collecting easier.

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