Boxing Day Sales

Boxing Day Sales

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    St. Stephen’s Day is a religious holiday that falls on December 26th. However, for the majority of people in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, Decemeber 26this more commonly known as Boxing Day. Boxing Day may have began as a religious holiday, but today it is celebrated as the best shopping day of the year. You can find some of the best deals and discounts of the season on Boxing Day. 



    High Street retailers open their doors hours earlier. By having Boxing Day sale discounts, retailers hope to clear out their seasonal stock. Clearing out their slow moving and seasonl items allows retailers to make room for the upcoming season’s new arrivals. Many retailers often wait until Boxing Day before reducing their items.Some retailers in the United Kingdom offer Boxing Day discounts  up to 75% Stores like Debenhem’s will have Boxing Day offers  up to 70% off while others like Evans and River Island have discounts up to 50% off of every item or product in stock. Retailers also offer other incentives to try to entice customers. Laura Ashley provides free delivery as well as an additional 10% off to customers who use their online discount code from Boots Treat Street.  


    Boxing Day Sales in USA

    Many Americans have never heard of the term Boxing Day, but they do know and celebrate the great after Christmas sales found on December 26th. Many Americans buy gifts and presents for their relatives’ upcoming birthdays and even the next year’s Christmas gifts. Some of the best deals of the season can be found on this day. Most retailers open their doors hours earlier than usual. Some as early as 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. like Wal-Mart and Target. Retailers like Ideal Purchase and Best Buy also post some great discounts on their websites; offering customers printable coupons or secret codes that can be used when checking out which will give them an additional percentage off. Deals and discounts are often so great that customers camp out in line the night before especially on large purchase items such as TV’s, computers/laptops, and other electronic equipment. There is often a limited supply of these discounted items and being late often means not getting in on the deal.


    Online vs In-store

    With technology moving forward at lighting speeds, retailers do not want to get left behind. With each passing year, more and more people are choosing to shop online on Boxing Day instead of fighting the traffic and enormous crowds. With each passing year, the number of online shoppers has increased. If this trend continues, you may see fewer and fewer people in the stores each year. One way retailers encourage people  to get offline and come to the store is by offering a special code that can only be found online but only used in-store. Each year retailers come up with new and exciting offers hoping to one-up their competition.


    Regardless of whether you call it the after Christmas or Boxing Day sale, December 26thcontinues to be known for its fantastic deals and discounts. As long as there are customers willing to spend their hard earned cash, retailers throughout the globe will continue to offer huge Boxing Day sales and discounts. The Boxing Day offer is as much a part of the Christmas holidays as Santa himself.

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