Winter Sale

Winter Sale

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  1. Hate it or Love it.

    Tis’ the season to be jolly…. or not.  Christmas sales are the time everyone gets going for the holiday shopping season.   It is the busiest time of the year, when merchandisers manage to lure you into their stores, advertising the most fabulous deals on clothes, electronics and home goods.  Every year millions of Americans hit the stores for the door busters on electronics; flat screen televisions are among the popular finds. 


    Long lines for the advertised $250.00, 52 inch flat screen, is sure to get at least thousands of customers out into the stores, after a total of 10 televisions sets.  Yes, only 10.  Merchandisers only keep a certain amount of the low priced advertised product to get consumers into the stores to shop on impulse or to check out the "other sales." Who is fooling who?  Are the electronics really on sale?  Just the few that were advertised.  Consumers by the other stuff because they were late, or ran out of the commodity they were originally after. Sale or no sale, lets face it, people will buy if they believe that what they are buying is a deal.

    Winter Clothing Sale

    Not an electronic guru? Then, you are probably after the winter clothing sale.  You can find some good deals during Christmas Sales.  Markdowns of at least 75% is a steal, especially with extra added coupons.
    Grab adults shirts for $5, and snag a good deal on adult jeans for $10.  Door busters end around 1:00pm in most clothing stores.  This is the best time to stock up on Christmas gifts or start your new wardrobe for the season.

    Win Win

    Whether you love Christmas season sales or dread having to even step foot in the stores.  The sales are fabulous and they are making it easier to shop now.  You can score same major deal busters online now.  Be the first in line at the stores and get a free gift. Oh yes, It’s FREE, for the first 50 customers that is. Get major deals on gifts for the family, and while your out, grab some great deals for yourself.  Its a win win.

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