Overview of Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me Flavor

Starbuzz has been expanding its range of Vintage shisha flavors for several years. Known for eclectic diversity in the range, Starbuzz has a Vintage Honey Dew Me flavor in the collection. It is not a recent release, but the replenished stocks have made the delightful hookah flavor widely available now.

Introduction to Vintage Honey Dew Me Flavor from Starbuzz

Honey Dew Me flavor marks a slight departure from many shishas in the Vintage collection. For starters, this flavor is considerably lighter. Those who are familiar with Starbuzz Vintage series would know that many flavors use dark leaf tobacco. This makes some of those shishas quite strong and enjoyable, especially for those who like the kick of dark leaf tobacco. In contrast, Honey Dew Me is much smoother. Hence, it is perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me flavor comes in sizes of 80g up to 200g. Those planning to smoke with friends should opt for the 200g jar. Since this shisha flavor is a perfect candidate for blends, there is no way to go wrong with a larger pack. 80g could be way too small a size even if it is smoked alone, albeit it can be fitting as a tester pack.

Flavor Profile of Vintage Honey Dew Me Flavor from Starbuzz

As the name implies, there is a dominant flavor of honeydew. Honey Dew, usually referred to as honeydew, is much lighter than melon. The latter is richer in taste and can be quite heavy on the palate. Honeydew does not weigh down on your palate. Thus, it is more refreshing. Connoisseurs would know that smoking rich and dense shisha flavors for a sustained period of time can have residual traces on the palate. Vintage Honey Dew Me does the exact opposite. It actually cleanses the palate. This is also why this amazing flavor from Starbuzz becomes a fitting candidate for blends, especially with other richer and denser tobaccos.

There is a singular flavor profile of the Vintage Honey Dew Me, which is most pronounced during exhales. It is sweet, probably around three on a scale of five, so those who do not like candy but want something delicious can safely pick this one. There is a subtle hint of coolness in the flavor. It is nowhere near a menthol or mint flavor, but the coolness factor does make the smoke lighter and more convenient to enjoy for a longer session. Anyone who prefers denser smoke can always pack more of this flavor in the bowl. Adding more charcoals can reduce the coolness quotient, which could be a preference for many in the winter months.

Pro Tips for Optimum Satiation with Honey Dew Me

When smoking alone and for a shorter period of time, pack light and the experience would be refreshing. When smoking in a group, individual users opting for longer sessions, or those who want richer and denser smoke, pack more of the tobacco in the bowl. Opt for three or more charcoals. Vintage Honey Dew Me works well when used as a standalone flavor. It can be mixed with several other flavors that are known for slightly heavier profiles.

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