Why Kim Jong-un and North Korea will never actually target Japan with a ballistic missile.

Kim Jong-un and North Korea will never target Japan and fire a ballistic missile at it.  The reasons are highly political but in the end that type of action would upset the entire balance of power in the Pacific Basin.  Japan would change their constitution from having a Japanese Self-Defense Force to having expeditionary forces.  That would add a whole new player in the area in terms of military strength.  This would no doubt anger Russia and China.  Russia and China have aspirations to expand the boundaries of their countries and that would not be possible with and expeditionary Japanese military.  An attack on Japan would also be an attach on the United States according to agreements that have been made between the two countries,  North Korea does not want an all out war with the United States again. North Korea has had more than 60 years to fight another war and they have just walked walked the line in terms of starting one.  The reason that North Korea does these things like make threats is because they want to stay on the world stage and gain concessions and support.  No other reason than that.

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