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How do I get to know when I get a question on experts123?

Ganesh Prasad Posted

How do I get to know when I get a question on experts123?

David McAtee

At this time all questions on Experts123 are directed to the entire community. As a member of the community, you may answer any questions you wish to.

The best way to get notified of questions in topics you have particular expertise in is to feature those topics of expertise on your profile. When one of your featured topics of expertise is added to a question, you will receive an email and a notification.

Another great way to discover questions in topics that interest is you is to follow those topics. When you sign in to Experts123 you will be taken to your home page where you will see new content, experts, and unanswered questions in the topics you follow.

Frank Bell81

Right now if you have not changed your Notification Settings you get an email when a Topic of your Expertise is added to a question.  (For you that is Dentistry, Dental Health, Dental Care)

There are many questions though that still need better answers that you can answer through searching the website.

***Also, we are having the Experts123 Community vote on upcoming features and one of the items is setting up a weekly and monthly digests of Topics of Expertise related content that is getting higher volumes of traffic where users still want better answers. You can see more details on all upcoming features here: –

Another way users who want to promote their business get a larger expertise following is by Writing Articles ONLY in their core area of expertise.  So focusing on Dentistry, Dental Health, Dental Care on articles that would be of interest to your community.

Lastly, depending on your goals if you were really trying to promote your expertise in Root Canals or Dental Crowns you may want to select those Topic of Expertise and then start demonstrating your expertise in those areas.  Depending on your goals you may just want to focus on one of those areas.



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