3 eye makeup ideas with bold lips​​

3 eye makeup ideas with bold lips​​

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  1. 1. Little smoke, here and there

    Well, it’s been long since we’ve been following the age-old saying: wear minimal makeup with red lips. We say, a little smokey twist never harmed anyone! So, begin by lining your eyes with a pencil eyeliner and smudge it properly with an eyeshadow brush. Now, take a liquid eyeliner and line both your upper eyelids. Just some mascara and you’re done! The key to pull this makeup off is to keep your cheeks toned down. In other words, wear minimal blush, mademoiselle!

    2. Vibrant, cat-like

    Begin by lining a dark black eyeliner and wing it out so that it aligns with the angle of your bottom lash line. Extend it a little further and leave it out in a pointed manner. You could also use your kohl pencil for this purpose and smudge it a little (only over your upper eyelids) for some oomph. Now, this eye makeup is matte and so, you could really glow with a super glossy lip colour. However, if matte is your choice for lips, a little shimmer on your cat eyeliner is great!

    3. Colour coverage

    Enough with the black! Wear an eyeshadow that’s in line with the colour of your lipstick. For example, a plum lip colour commands plummy eyeshadow. A lighter shade works better! Cover your upper eyelids in plum and add a hint of the same under your lower eyelids, especially towards the outer bottom. Next, apply a thin line of black eyeliner and complete the look with tons, tons of mascara.

    Ladies, it’s all about flipping the rules on their head!

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