Bold Lips

Bold Lips

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  1. Want to go bold on the lips? Then I recommend:

    1. focusing on just applying foundation, blush, and bronzer
    2. Shaping and darkening the eyebrows using a soft pencil liner by itself or following it up with mascara
    3. Apply mascara to nude eyelids; just tightline the upper eyelid or both the upper and lower eyelid, and then focusing on just the lips. Here’s how:

    There are 4 main types of bold lip colors:

    • Bright Red – This color is very popular with Taylor Swift, but it is not best for all skin tones. The bright red lip looks best on really pale and light-medium dark skin tones. That is not to say that those with darker complexions will not look good with a red lip, in fact, three of the best lip colors for dark skin is pink/the natural lip color, purples, and dark red colors such as burgundy or plum colors. darker lipstick colors, instead of bright or nude, tend to look best on darker complexions. Red is one of those colors that can suit just about any and everyone. The secret is finding the right shade for your particular skin color. Bright red lip colors like the one Taylor Swift is sporting is very bold and it gives the skin and face almost a red halo type of affect. They stand out extremely well and are great for nights out, ball-like settings, or whenever you just want to make a statement and let everyone know that you are here and will not be ignored.

    • Dark Red/AKA Burgundy – This is one of my favorite lip colors. Depending on how you wear it, it can be along the lines of intense goth, subtle goth, or dark, sultry, and sexy. This color is one that tends to look amazing on darker skin tones and it gives a very exotic and sensual appearance. This color really pops and stands out, and it tends to be very classy and chic, especially when paired with a dark red dress, red hair, or red finger nails. 

    • Plum Purple – This color is very popular among African Americans because it really goes well with darker complexions. The tricky part is determining what color purple, light or dark, is best for your skin tone. I feel that light purples work best for lighting skin tones, and dark purples for medium to dark skin tones. Purple, when a light shade, tends to add a softer look to your face and overall appearance, but dark purple is similar to the burgundy red lip, in the sense that it draws people to the face, though less intensely than the burgundy lip, and it really intensifies the overall look and beauty of the face. If you are someone who feels you look plain, then intensify your features with a burgundy red lip or a plum dark purple. Red will make the face sharper and more harsh and prominent, but purple will make the face appear softer, even dark plum purples will do this. 

    • Black – This is a color that is generally associated with gothic makeup styles and fashion, but when not paired with intense eye makeup, it can be very sexy in its own way. It is very intense and stands out greatly, but it will still get you extra looks, since it makes such a strong statement. The black lip tends to be associated with uncontrollable, untameable, and wild personalities; foxy and rebellious personality types, so it is not best for a romantic dinner or just getting to know someone new, but it is great when you want to make a statement, for a club night out when you want to stand out in a room of hundreds of people, or for special occasions. There are three major downsides to this look: 1. Black lipstick will stain your lips black and even after washing off your makeup and using makeup remover, your lips will still likely be stained slightly black for a day or two afterwards. 2. Black lipstick is high maintenance. If you eat or drink anything it will come off and then it won’t look good at all so you will have to re-apply it instantly after eating anything. 3. Finding a good black lipstick is hard; some are way WAY too dry and others just don’t feel good on the lips or they are too hard. I found the best black lipsticks on Plus, I got some organic ones that were very moisturizing on Etsy at very VERY cheap prices. All-in-all, I like gothic makeup styles so I do sport this look from time to time, though I think it looks best during winter and fall when paired with winter clothing.

    So, what bold lip color do you like to wear the most?

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