How to Decorate Your Basement

How to Decorate Your Basement

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  1. What is all the Extra Space For?

    Here are some tips on how to decorate your basement.  Once you have tackled on the project of finishing the extra space down below, you wonder how are you going to fill it up.  When deciding on how to decorate (probably much needed) extra space, you have to decide what the space will mostly be used for.  Will it be strictly a man a cave, a space for entertaining, a space for the whole family to hang out, or will it just be a space for the kids. 


    After defining space and its use, the next best thing to do is start with a budget. You do not want to over spend on your new project. Incorporate how you will add furniture.  It’s always best to combine some old and new pieces if you are on a smaller budget. If you have a large budget, then its ok to start with a completely new design. 


    Picking colors in a basement can be tricky.  Many people always assume they must go with a darker color.  Color actually depends on the style of basement that you have.  Does your basement have windows, is it a walk out basement, is it a deep pour basement (9 ft ceilings), is there plenty of lighting; natural or fixtures?  If you basement has plenty of natural light shining in, it is safe to go with darker colors on the wall.  If the only light is from fixtures and your windows are below the ground, then it is best to choose light hues and neutral colors.  With lighter colors, your basement is sure to feel like extra living space, as opposed to a dungeon like feel. Lighter colors also make your space appear larger.   If your in a newer home it is possible your basement has 9 ft ceilings or 8 ft after a completed finish.  It is safe to play around with bold accent colors combined with neutral base colors. Remember choose your color wisely depending of your specific needs and colors.


    Not sure what type of flooring to use? It all boils down to individual preference.  Lush carpeting is a great way to give any basement a homey feel.  If you are entertaining, tile and wood flooring is an option.  But, be careful with any option that is chosen, because if there is ever a water problem in your basement and it floods, carpet and wood flooring will have to be replaced.  If that is a possible concern for you, it is best to stick with a ceramic tile for easy maintenance.


    Once all the particulars are decided, time to design for functionality. Regardless of the use for your basement, just like with every finish space, their should always come equipped with certain features.  Make sure there is plenty of storage.  Built-in shelving units are a great way to make storage look stylish while serving its purpose.  If your budget is not that huge, $29 Shelving units can be purchased from a local store to achieve the same look. Make sure all shelving units are secure if you have little ones running around.

    Seating is very important as well, whether your basement is used for a family hang out spot or for entertaining guest.  Make sure there is plenty of it.  It does not have to be centered around a television set, but in places that make for great conversation.  If you have a bar, seating should be available at your bar.  If you don’t have a bar, an inexpensive pub table set can be purchased for those looking to sit and have conversation elsewhere besides in the TV area. 

    If you basement is designed for multiple purposes, separate the areas for gaming, movies, and conversation.  A multi-purpose basement is best, it can be used by the entire family, and for entertaining guest.  Decide your style and design away with these designing tips in mind.



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