Decorating a Loft

Decorating a Loft

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  1. A loft can be both a blessing and a curse to a home. Although it is not an enclosed room, a loft is a space in an apartment or house that is open (without a door generally) and can serve as a library, guest bedroom, or a recreational room. Most homes with lofts think of them as a family room or an additional living room, and others transform it into an entertainment room. Here are some quick tips for making the most of your loft.

    Get Colorful

    A loft is an extra room where you can let your creative juices flow. Nix the beige walls and go for a more vibrant color that you’ve been dying to paint your kitchen or bathroom. Luckily since the loft is more of a luxury room than a room where you entertain (since it is tucked away upstairs), you can always afford the time to re-paint if you hate the color. Remember, light colors make the room look bigger, and darker colors make the room look more intimate. You may want to avoid dark colors if your loft doesn’t have windows or high ceilings.

    Combine Vintage with Modern Pieces

    The loft is a trendy room in it’s own but in order to make yours stand out, add vintage-inspired and unique pieces with modern, sleek furniture. Whether you are transforming it into an entertainment room or a library, you can always use a handful of collectibles scattered around to give your loft a unique touch.

    Indulge in Fabrics

    Lofts can often seem quite sparse, so you definitely want to invest and indulge in luxurious fabrics to make the room more homey. A large area rug will add some variation to the floor (and also creates less of a necessity to fill up the space with furniture). You can also get throws, floor pillows, and window dressings that will add a soft and luxurious touch to your loft.


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