​How to make Fun

​How to make Fun

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    1.Play games
    Play outdoor games with your friends, colleagues, family. Makes you feel fresh and enjoyable 
    2.Laugh not smile 

    Nowadays people are preferring smiling  rather than laughing, but it’s scientifically approved that the laughter is a great medicine , so we must laugh daily.

    3.Crack jokes 
    To make fun you could crack jokes with the friends and loved ones, it is a great idea to make fun at free time or while you working. You can reduce stress and can make working interesting. 

    4.Be a part of funny discussion
    Being a part of funny people’s discussions is good to enjoy that time.

    5.Watch favorite TV show 
    In your free time you can watch your favorite TV  show. Will help you to enjoy the evening after a long working day.

    6.Be adventures
    Do the adventures thing which you never done before 
    River rafting
    Sky diving 
    mountain climbing
    Deep sea diving 
    Hours riding 
    Gun shooting
    7.Lets try something new
    Now let’s try something new , that you wanted to do but due to some reasons couldn’t  do that.

    8.Do naughty things 
    Do naughty things like scare someone, naughty jokes with loved ones, Learn funny tricks.

    9.Break the rules
    Fun doesn’t follow all the rules. Neither do kids. If it doesn’t hurt, go for it! Leave those pretty Christmas lights up year-round

    10.Use your imagination 
    A child can get lost in her make-believe world for hours. Imagine riding an elephant in Thailand. Or running a marathon on the Great Wall of China. You’ll have so much fun pretending that you might want to make it a reality—which leads to more fun than you can imagine.

    11.See the beauty of nature 
    Every child is in awe of ants, birds, and dandelions. At some point, we become creatures of the concrete jungle. Allow yourself to be enamored by Mother Nature.

    12.Eat your favorite food
    Eat your favorite food whether is it good for health or not but in limit. 

    13.Sing a song 
    You can sing your favorite songs or poems.

    14.Do what you love 
    Do whatever you want to do you are a free person 

    15.Go for a trip 
    Go for a long adventures trip….

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