Ignoring Time Management

Ignoring Time Management

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  1. Many people ignore the importance of time management as they simply don’t know the positive effects it will have in their life. Meanwhile there are also many people who have achieved success in their life managing time very well. When we take out the biggest achievers name in life, we will know that all of them were good in time management

    Habits of Ignorance in Younger Day’s

    During younger day’s it is quite common for students to ignore many things in their life as they feel it is not that much importance to them. Ignorance in younger ageĀ  very common these days and In fact these unattended important things of younger one’s will be taken care by their parents as they are more matured in life. Life teaches everybody as the time passes on. During school day’s it is common to see many youngsters ignoring their subjects and playing most of the time. At their young age, they will not be thinking much about the future which will only be taken care of their parents. Parents do take a lot of tension regarding the future of their children. But most of the time when parents try to control their children, children take it in opposite way which is not good for them as well as parents. At younger age, children’s tend to be very stubborn most of the times and it does take lots of efforts from parents to make them understand. If children learn this art of managing time at their younger age, it will do wonders to them when they grow old. A good way of learning this art management in students life is to complete their homework daily before getting on to other activities. This does look much more easier in paper than implementing it in real life. Those People who can implement this in their life will be the real winner in the long run for sure

    Waiting for Tomorrow is not Good

    When i was in my school days i was very ignorant of things and also lazy many times. I never used to do my work promptly and postponing my works for tomorrow was my favorite bad habit. It took me many years to realize my ignorance and bad habits of postponing my works for tomorrow. It will be very good if you complete your works today itself as you can even take rest day next without taking undue tensions. So, Never keep the works for tomorrow and instead try to complete the works of tomorrow by today itself as this will help you a lot in managing time. Suppose you are working for 6 days of a weak and will be waiting for one weekend holiday to take rest and then if you get to work all day of your holiday, you will lose all the fun or much needed rest. So in cases like above mentioned,it would be better to complete most of your work on previous day itself even if you are tired, it will give you the most needed free time day next. It all depend on how you manage things in life.There is nothing impossible here unless you put all your effort to resolve things and lead a happy life. Evey body will be busy in their own things and at the end it will always depend on each individual on how they manage time to make it count and be happy most of the time.Though this art of managing time doesn’t come easily, it is not impossible at any time if you really put all your effort into learning this art.

    Passion Towards Work

    When there is passion in whatever you do, results are bound to be good for sure. There are many people who have proven this and one name that comes in this list is of the greatest cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. He was such a passionate cricketer that he never took any game lightly and once he is on the game, he will be completely involved in it. He will never play just for entertainment and he just hates to lose any match he plays. He is very passionate of playing cricket and he has also revealed this in many of his interviews. So, it is not only playing games, you can succeed in anything you do in life if you are having passion. Love what you do and results will follow in your favor.I also learnt the importance of passion only after my school days. I have ultimate aggression and passion when playing some of the games i love and won many games many times though i have also lost some because of over confidence. It is importance to carry the same passion in anything you do in life or if you can add passion into other things in life, each day will be fun and exciting for sure. Take some time out for your passion on daily basis so that you will not miss out anything. One important thing is that do not be overconfident anytime as this might take out all your effort. Be confident always but careful on overconfidence. All in all, managing time and developing passion towards important things in life is crucial for a successful life

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