5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Yoga

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Yoga

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  1. Although yoga has been practiced for centuries in other parts of the world it is relatively new to the western civilization. It continues to grow in popularity as busy Americans look for ways to slow the pace of their hectic lifestyles and reclaim a sense of balance. If you are searching for enhanced health and inner balance keep reading for 5 reasons to fall in love with yoga.

    Body and Mind Balance – There is something very special that happens when your mind and body connect during a yoga practice. Learning to center your thoughts to the present moment, shutting out the distractions around you, and breathing away the stresses of daily life can lead you to a place of peaceful relaxation. Yoga also increases the serotonin levels in the body which enhances mood and can help with mild depression. Most people may not experience this euphoric state of mind during the early stages of practicing yoga. It normally takes some time to perfect the correct breathing pattern while flowing through the movements to get maximum results. Be patient, practicing yoga is a journey to enjoy not a race to finish.

    Increased Flexibility– One of the major benefits of yoga is becoming more flexible. Western medicine is beginning to realize that yoga has health benefits that can help patients looking to increase their flexibility or to regain what they have lost due to injury, disability or age. The multiple poses done during a practice are designed to work together to slowly strengthen and stretch the muscles of the body. Many people discover that they have relief from chronic pain caused by conditions such as fibromyalgia while practicing yoga.

    Muscle Toning– Elongating and stretching the muscles not only produces increased flexibility but over time, it also begins to tone and shape the muscles. Muscles that are toned by yoga do not become bulky or large like they do with weight lifting. Instead they are lean, long and strong. Many of the poses done in yoga such as downward facing dog or planks force the body to use its own resistance to support itself which causes increased muscle strength without the use of weights. Strong muscles help to keep the bones of the body in alignment which can minimize joint issues throughout the body.

    Increased Blood Flow and Circulation – Yoga provides major benefits to the body in the way of increased blood flow and circulation. Deep breathing done throughout the practice helps to move oxygen through the cells and tissue of the body. Twisting poses and inverted poses, such as headstands, help to circulate blood through the organs, the extremities, and back to the heart. This can help with issues such as swelling of the feet and hands.

    Cardiovascular health – Although yoga may not produce the extreme calorie burn experienced with other forms of exercise there are definite cardiovascular benefits to practicing yoga. Many forms of yoga focus on relaxation and toning but you can increase your heart rate by increasing the flow of the movements or practicing a more aerobic type of yoga such as Ashtanga. Increasing the flow of oxygen through practiced breathing increases the uptake of oxygen into the heart and lungs and strengthens both organs.

    Embracing your yoga practice can provide a lifetime of health and wellness benefits. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and begin the journey of discovering your inner yogi.


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