1. Having worked as an Apple Solution Specialist, I gained a lot of exposure to Apple, its products and software.  My top 10 picks are not necessarily my preferred order.  They keep you, the consumer, in mind.

    10. MobileMe

    A great addition to your PC or Mac filing system.  MobileMe provides a cloud solution for your files, pictures and documents. You will benefit as well as be able to offer access to any or part of your cloud to friends, co-workers and family.

    9.  Apple TV

    This little known device is excellent in integrating all of your viewing accessories. Connect your DVD, cable and movie streams directly and wirelessly to your TV or flat screen.

    8.  Aperture 3

    You can enjoy editing options that far surpass other popular picture editing software.  Aperture 3 will give you easy-to-use tools.  They will help you provide professional results without having to know how to manipulate complicated software.  

    7.  iWork

    iWork gives you the three basic tools for creating documents.  Keynote, Numbers and Pages will assist you in creating fantastic presentations, spreadsheets, graphs and charts. You can also create documents from basic to professional.  Best of all, you can save documents in the PC version like powerpoint, excel and word.

    6.  Magic Mouse

    Don’t mess around with wires and a mouse that has buttons and rollers.  You need this single click, smooth surface mouse.  

    5.  Keyboard

    With a battery that is designed to last, the wireless keyboard is awesome.  You will like the fact that it takes up less space and is amazing on your fingers as you type easily.  This is really an accessory designed for your small as well as organized work space.

    4.  Airport Express

    You will not want to pass up this amazing accessory.  It takes the worry out of making things wireless.  You can hook up your internet.  You can create a wireless printer.  You can even play music wirelessly from your stereo.  All of this and it allows you to create 10 users all connected to one extreme.

    3.  Airport Extreme

    Of course you can step it up to the extreme version.  With airport extreme you get all of the benefit of airport express.  You also get the ability to add 50 users.  You can print wirelessly.  Best of all, you can share an external hard drive built into the extreme. 

    2.  Time Capsule

    This is the amazingly huge capacity external hard drive.  It automatically backs up your own hard drive.  Use it with you Mac or PC.  You will have many access options, for you and for others.  It is also a wifi base station!  

    1.  Led Cinema Display

    This is the #1 accessory!  You can use it with any new mac.  It has an awesome stereo speaker system. You will benefit from the integrated camera and microphone.  Better, 60% better, backlit viewing than most flat screens.  Will adjust to the light in your room.  You will also like the three USB ports.  Best of all it is green friendly!

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