1. Having experienced the wonderful world of Apple as a solution specialist, I am excited to share with you the following Top 10 Apple Apps.

    10.  Awesome Note (+ todo) – iPhone

    Create folders and themes.  Sync up with google docs.  You can easily add maps and photos.

    You can make notes.  You can make lists.  You can keep organized.  You can color code and personalize your notes and organizational tasks.  Forget sticky notes, keep managed, organized and focused with Awesome Note.

    9.  Sport on TV – iPhone

    Designed for you to keep track of TV listings.  This app is especially designed for sports.

    Are you tired of finding out that you missed the world cup or an important playoff?  Sport on TV keeps you organized and scans across all networks so that you will not miss a single sporting event.

    8.  Airprint 101 – ipad 2

    First of all, with over 65,000 apps to choose from, the ipad will give you every option for business and personal use. 

    The Airprint 101 allows you to print from your ipad 2.  You just have to download the printer software to your ipad.  Once you do that you are then able to print wirelessly.

    7. iLife ’11

    This great application software requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard or greater but provides you with some fantastic and user friendly applications. 

    GarageBand allows you to produce your own great songs and sounds.

    iWeb is a fantastic application that provides tons of useful tools to create online pages and websites.

    iDVD is not just a paste and burn applicaiton.  It gives you the tools to create fantastic effects for your music library.

    iMovie makes you the producer.  You can create movie trailers, newscasts as well as sound and visual special effects.  This easy to use software is a lot of fun.

    iPhoto is the basic software that helps you create fantastic picture results.  It is the application that gives you full control to edit, create and share you photos. 

    6. iWork ’11

    This application also requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard are greater.  With iWork the traditional Excel, Word and Powerpoint presentations are transformed into even more user friendly applications with fantastic editing tools.  You will discover that Numbers, Pages and Keynote are superior applications.

    Numbers creates the spreadsheets and graphic comparison charts and graphs to help you in your home or office.  These documents can also be saved in Excel format!

    Pages takes word processing to a new level.  You can even edit easily and create special effects with simple commands.  Save your pages documents in many different formats, including Word.

    Keynots has to be the most fun presentation software and application on the market.  You can easily manipulate slideshows and themed presentations.  And like the other iWork applications, you can save your work in multiple formats including Powerpoint.

    5.  App gift card – from iTunes

    Available in $10, $15, and $25 increments.  You can share apps with friends and family and send them the app gift card onine!

    4.  350,000 apps – iphone

    The largest collection for any device in the world.  The possibilities are endless.  Play, work and live all with apps on your iphone.

    3.  Aperture 3

    This application takes photo and picture editing to a whole new level.  You will manipulate your photes with ease as you create personal and professional projects and effects.  You will quickly learn that you have an application that has more ability than other popular photo editing programs and applicaitons.

    Aperture 3 has over 200 new features that have been added to the original Aperture program.  You will not only be able to create great photo editing and effects, you can create stunning slideshows, presentations and audio tracks. 

    2.  Remote Desktop

    This application is designed for networks at home and office.  This application allows sharing of files, information and software.  You can create reports based on the usage of any or all of your network systems.  You will become more organized and efficient in how your network is utilized and operates.

    1.  Mobile Me

    There are many cloud computing solutions all over the internet.  Mobile Me steps up the expectation and creates a cloud solution with multiple uses.

    First, you can use Mobile Me with you iphone, ipad, Mac or PC.  You can sync everything!

    You can sync your iphone, ipad, PC, Mac and all of the calendars, mail and contacts that are contained on each.

    Mobile Me will give you an easy way to share files and photos.  You can make them public or private and add a password for access.

    Mobile Me provides a web based mail solution with me.com.

    Finally, Mobile Me assists you in finding your lost ipad or iphone through an online mapping tool.  Afraid your information is compromised?  Mobile Me can also lock your device and Remote Wipe will allow you to erase the information so that it is not accessed or used.


    With all of the possibilities, you will have all of the tools necessary to function at home and work, with friends, coworkers and family.  You will easily organize your tasks and calendars.  You can wirelessly print and operate.  Best of all, most apps are free.  You will definitely be in control with the best apps on the market with Apple and Mac applications.


    Apple Apps are one of the greatest benefits of Apple products.  With more apps being added continuously, you will never have a shortage of new tools and applications to assist you in organizing, sharing and improving your lifestyle, home, work and play.

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