1. Flirting is something many of us do and we do it because we want to get the attention of someone we like. Flirting has often been described as "showing an attitude" toward someone we think is attractive. However, there are some great flirting tips that will make this process go even better.

    Flirting Tip #1 Smile! So much is expressed when we smile. Smiling to someone else says, "I like you, I would like to get to know you and I’m an open person."

    Flirting Tip #2 A great way to flirt is to begin a conversation with someone you find attractive. Talk about where you’re at or what is going on at the moment.

    More Flirting Tips

    Flirting Tip #3 Find a way to get closer to the person you like.

    Flirting Tip #4 Instead of talking fast about mundane things, listen to what the other person has to say. Most everyone loves to have someone listen to them. It makes them feel important and valued.

    Flirting Tip #5 Keep eye contact with the person. Be careful not to glare at the person but from time to time keep your eyes fixed on him or her.

    Flirting Tip #6 After you have talked with this person, give them a sincere and honest compliment. Make sure that the compliment is real. If it is not, the relationship will probably end quickly.

    Have Some Fun!

    Flirting Tip #7 Have fun while you’re flirting. When you show that you’re having a good time, that will put the person at ease and they will then probably open up to you.

    Flirting Tip #8 Draw on your confidence. If you don’t feel confident, then begin practicing by telling yourself that you’re good looking, that people find you interesting and that you are a worthy person–a person who others find interesting and attractive.

    Flirting Tip #9 Then, when you feel comfortable, make a move to get closer to the person such as inching closer while sitting next to him or her or just say "Hi. I’m ……and I’ve seen you around here several times. My name is …." Also, a gentle touch, such as on the arm or shoulder can give a signal that you’re interested.

    Flirting tip #10 Once you have talked with this person for awhile, ask if you can talk with them again. If the person says yes, then you know that you have done well and that this person may be interested in you.  

    Flirting is not hard it just takes time, patience and a desire to meet and connect with another person. In some cases there may only be one time when you have a chance to flirt and get to know a person. So, take the plunge and see what happens.

    There are some neat benefits when it comes to flirting. Flirting helps to build self-esteem and confidence and it’s been found that flirting helps a relationship. So, don’t just wish for a good relationship, do a bit of flirting and see what happens!

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