1. The internet is a pretty big place, filled with all different kinds of websites. There are funny websites, cool websites, flash websites, the list goes on and on.  Below are five categories of websites with the best two websites from each category displayed.  These websites make up the ten best sites on the internet.


    ESPN.com- The worldwide leader in televised sports also has a large presence on the internet. Not only can you find the scores to sporting events, ESPN.com also has insightful original content detailing every major sport. Check out The Sports Guy page for some funny pop culture based sports rants. ESPN.com also has fantasy games, an online arcade, and contests for it’s readers.

    Deadspin.com- Deapspin is the place on the internet where sports and tabloid new intersect. The Deadspin crew is always there with the latest off the field scandal of famous athletes. Their humorist take on sports is refreshing. The comment section below each article is also always filled with something that will make you chuckle.


    IMDB.com- It is inevitable that every time you watch a movie you always wonder who a certain actor is, or where you have seen him before. IMDB solves that problem. This site allows you to search the cast of movies for specific actors and then explore their body of work. The site also lets users rate movies, and has a constantly updated top 250. IMDB also has links to the latest movie news, and box office totals from the weekend.   

    Netflix.com- Many people just know Netflix as a service that delivers movies to your home through the mail. The company provides so much more. Netflix allows their customers to stream movies through the website on to a home computer or video game console, like Playstation 3. The streaming video library on Netflix is extremely large, and new movies are added all the time.


    Bored.com- Bored.com is a website that is dedicated to flash games. The site is full of hundreds of games that can be played on your computer.  The games come in many different styles and difficulties. They are playable by young children and adults. Bored.com is a great website for killing time.

    AddictingGames.com- This site is similar to Bored.com. They both are filled with fun online games, but somehow there is little overlap. The same variety is available at AddictingGames.com as bored. This is another great website filled with distractions.


    TextsFromLastNight.com- This website is always good for a laugh. It is a collection of comical text messages people have sent or received, usually after some drunken fun. Some of the texts are so cringe worthy that you hope they are fake. The website is so popular that a book of the same title was released. This site is for adults because it uses some blue language.

    FunnyOrDie.com-  Some of Hollywood’s funniest people upload their own videos to this site. The topics of the videos are all over the board, but the comedy is always there. New videos are uploaded every day, so the content is always fresh. FunnyOrDie.com never disappoints.


    Wikipedia.com- Wikipedia gives you access to the most powerful encyclopedia right at the tip of your fingers. There are Wikipedia pages about almost everything and everyone. The site is created by users adding information to the pages. This can lead to confusion or misinformation. Fact checking is sometimes in order when using Wikipedia. It is an all around great resource.

    Google.com- Save the best for last. Google does everything. It can find websites about anything, pictures of anyone, give you directions, and even host email. The capabilities of Google grow each and every day. That is why it is the best website on the internet.

    These are the ten best websites on the internet. There are more just like them out there, so have fun surfing.

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