What Your Internet Browser Says About You

What Your Internet Browser Says About You

  1. There is a plethora of web browsers at your disposal but how do you choose which one to use? Surprisingly what browser you use says a lot about your internet activities and it can also peer into what personality type you are. A new (good) internet browser does not come along often, but when it does it spreads like wildfire. It’s rather surprising about the usage statistics for the most popular internet browsers and the demographics that use them:

    • Internet Explorer: 49.59%
    • Mozilla Firefox: 21.20%
    • Google Chrome: 16.60%
    • Safari: 8.72%
    • Other (Opera, Android browser, etc.): 3.89%.

    battle of the browsers

    What Using Internet Explorer Probably Says About You

    Stereotypically, the only people who use Internet Explorer nowadays are internet fledglings, young people, and the elderly. However, a lot of companies still use Internet Explorer in order to keep their employees from downloading games. Generally if you are using Internet Explorer you are using it by force, or are not tech savvy. For personal browsing or internet browsing that doesn’t require the IE interface, try downloading a different browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox – they tend to be much more user friendly.

    What Using Mozilla Firefox Proabably Says About You

    Most people that use Mozilla Firefox generally have a love for open-source software. IT guys and techies tend to use Firefox almost exclusively because of the compatibility with their programming and software. Firefox also has an abundance of add-ons that make it user-friendly. While it is faster than Internet Explorer, it is still slower than Google Chrome.

    What Using Google Chrome Probably Says About You

    In terms of user experience, Google Chrome is the go-to. It is trendy, speedy, and has a handful of Google-specific add-ons only available on Google Chrome. Generally people who use Google Chrome like to work quickly while showing off their skill. The sheer embarassment of using another browser is avoided by the Google Chrome user.

    What Using Safari Probably Says About You

    People who religiously use Apple products tend to religiously use Safari as their web browser (and a lot of them refuse to acknowledge that other browsers even use). Some Safari users may be using it because iTunes forced them to install it, or they just use it because it’s installed already on their Macs.

    Here is a funny visual representation of browser stereotypes:

    Web Browser Cartoon

    (Data Source) (Image via College Humor)

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