These Were the Biggest Stories in Video Games in 2017

The year 2017 witnessed the release of a host of video games parallel to several significant developments in the gaming industry. The video game business amassed nearly $116 billion global revenue in 2017 with primary income driven by the mobile gaming sector. While almost 29% of the total revenue came from consoles and games, 28% of the aggregate was also reported as earned from PC games.

Similar to the online bingo and its rising popularity on the mobile devices, games like Monster Strike, Clash Royale and Candy Crush Saga have accrued high revenues for the mobile gaming industry.

The new face of video gaming

The rendition in the console format: A handheld console is quite a boon where today all kinds of games are accessible on mobile and tablets with such convenience. Thus, the launch of the Nintendo’s tablet console became popular. This model is a little distinct from the PSP4, and Xbox One as the switch itself is the control pad. Their SNES Classic Edition launched around fall has been highly sought after. Microsoft too launched the high-powered superior package Xbox One X targeted for VR support and recorded high sale figures. The release of the Oculus GO headset priced at $199 and many others in the VR sector proved to be quite encouraging for the industry.

The games: The Player Unknown‘s Battlegrounds made a huge success to stand out last year. Though flawed at some levels, the game has been attracting some good number of players with close to 3 million enthusiasts streaming at the same time. Online casinos like Sailor Bingo too has gained immense popularity as they feature some of the latest and well-developed games excelling in graphics and audio to enable players with a thrilling gaming experience. With the accessibility and compatibility made available on the iOS, Android and Windows, a player can play with real money at Sailor Bingo and bag enormous wins by playing games like online bingo and many such favourite slots. Other video games that received accolades include the Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, A Hat in Time and many more. On the other hand, a handful of games didn’t settle great scores with the players.

The emerging controversies: Much to the disappointment of players there was the news of loot boxes trying to make big money. For instance, the Star Wars Battlefront II relayed the feeling of the game being designed around its economy rather than entertainment. The Microtransaction policy was criticised with some games like the Destiny 2 been looked upon as discouraging.

The victory of the cheating tools: Gaming companies have pocketed profits with the cheat tools launched vis-à-vis the release of their successful games. In fact, prominent gaming developers have been facing lawsuits too against such developments as companies have been minting profits out of these ‘toxic tools’.

Amidst all the hustle 2017 has been rewarding in a million ways and the introduction of newer games as well as the high sale of gaming devices resonates the industry’s success story. Though some incidences came with a pinch of salt, video gaming continues to thrive in its niche. Let’s see what 2018 has in store!


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