Guide to Depositing at Online Casinos by Phone Bill

Are you a freak of online casino games and do you have a mobile or phone account? Well, if the answer is yes, you do not have to look further. Now you can use your phone bill account to make deposits in the online casino games. The pay by mobile casino is an innovative concept that has brought a revolution to the method of making deposits in online games. Number of people across the world are using their mobile accounts to make transactions using this method. It is a much safer and better alternative to other payment methods.

Pay by mobile casino comes with benefits galore


One of the main advantages of using pay by mobile casino is that it is very safe. Unlike other sites and online paying options where discrepancies may occur while depositing the money, paying through your phone bill is systematic and methodical. The amount of money you wish to deposit is transferred to the online casino and there are no hidden costs.  In case you have a post-paid connection, the amount is added to your monthly bill, and for prepaid users, the money is deducted from the existing talk time balance. Both ways, it is quite convenient as you do not have to divulge any sensitive financial or banking information.

Wide Acceptance

With the popularity of pay by mobile casino to make deposits in online casino games, renowned online casino companies like Red Spins are considering the introduction of this method. By using the phone account, you do not need to use a credit card or take money out from your bank account. In this age of cyber-crimes and bank frauds, this seems to be a very secure option as you do not need to show the whereabouts of the bank account or credit card number. The e-wallet payment system of mobile payments ensures that your money is totally safe while you transfer the funds to the casino deposit.

Easy Process

To have more idea about pay by mobile casino, you need to have an idea of how the process works. You need to go to the pay by mobile bill page and enter your mobile phone details. You will then receive a confirmation SMS and you must provide your confirmation. Once you provide the transfer confirmation, the money will be transferred from your phone account to the online casino. In no way is any hidden expense involved.

You must choose the online casino which accepts the pay by mobile casino option. Most of the premier casinos, such as Red Spins accept this payment method. Once that is done, you must link the mobile account with the casino account through the above method and start using. It just takes a matter of few minutes for carrying out a transaction through mobile bill payment option.

So, what are you waiting for? Link your mobile account today with your online casino site and enjoy the benefits of doing financial transactions in a completely safe and secure manner.

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