1. If you are anything like me then on one of your many weekly trips to the crafts department you happened to notice that no matter what the store there are many Cricut Cartridges that are going on clearance. In most cases this means that you can get the cartridges for around half the price of what you previously saw them marked! Now who on earth wouldn’t be excited about seeing those kind of prices?

    Now, most of these cartridges that you have seen on clearance are not necessarily being retired. The most recent retirement announcements are for “Printing Press”, “Paper Pups”, “Stamped”, “Tags, Bags, Boxes and More”, “Christmas Cheer” and “All Mixed up”. However, the cartridges that are being taken out of stores currently may be on their way to the retirement line.

    The cause for the clearance items in most of the stores is simply to make for the newly released cartridges; “Cindy Loo”, “Wall Décor and More”, “Mini Monsters”, “Freshly Picked” and “Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story”.

    Some of the most common Cricut cartridges that you will see on clearance are the retired cartridges listed above as well as a few select other cartridges that just simply may not be selling well at your local store. Be sure to check them out so you do not miss a great deal!

    Now there is some new exciting news for the Circut Solutions lovers out there that also explains why Walmart’s clearance section is so much larger than any of the other stores you may shop at for your Cricut accessories. Check back soon to get information on Walmart’s new exclusive Cricut line!

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