1. One of the easiest things to forget in the excitement of new Cricut cartridge releases is that you will have to update your Circuit Design Studio software as well as your Gypsy. If you are one who rarely uses these products and waits to update once every few months you could end up waiting quite some time for your updates to finish once you want to use your program.

    It is recommended that every few weeks you check for an update. This way your software is always up to date and ready for you when you are ready to work! Remember that Cricut has just released their Cricut Lite cartridge collection which means that you will have to update your Design Studio and your Gypsy software with over 24 new cartridge updates right now.

    Currently the Gypsy update is not available for the Cricut Lite cartridges but they do expect it to be done shortly. Cricut released a statement in mid June stating that they would like you to keep checking for the Gypsy updates on your Gypsy or on their website because they are close to having it ready for you.

    If you have the Design Studio then you can get the update already click on this link and it will take you to the Cricut website where you can download those updates. Make sure that you download both the “Design Studio Changes” and the “Design Studio Font Packs”. This will ensure that your Design Studio has all of the latest software as well as the software needed to support the Cricut Lite cartridges. Once you click the download button just follow the prompts that your computer gives you and your Design Studio will be up to date in no time!

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