1. It seems as though Cricut has also jumped right onto the Walmart lovers bandwagon! In their last weeks announcement Cricut announced that starting July 1, 2010 all Walmart’s will carry a new line that is completely exclusive to Walmart! This exclusive Walmart collection is being called Cricut Lite!

    Now for those of you who do not know very much about Cricut cartridges you can end up paying up to $89.99 for a full cartridge that comes with many additional features. However, some of the cartridges can offer up to six ways to make each individual character or image look six different ways! Cricut also offers what are called solution cartridges (the ones you see in the stores without the normal Cricut cartridge boxes) these are slightly cheaper because they offer less features or less images. Now they have taken it a step further to create the new line of Cricut Lite’s!

    All of the Cricut Lite cartridges will contain 200 images along with a smaller price tag! So far they have 24 cartridges on the exclusive Cricut Lite list. I am sure this list is sure to grow especially once more of you Cricut lovers get to see all of these amazing cartridges at your local Walmart! These cartridges offer the necessary images to a personalized look to all of your crafts without having to buy a full cartridge at the ripe price tag of $89.99.

    I was lucky enough to see the new Cricut Lite cartridges at Walmart yesterday! At this particular Walmart they were listed at $39.99 which is a great price for how adorable these cartridges are! I think that these cartridges are sure to be a hit! You can view all of the details of each of these new cartridges on Cricut.com under products or at your local Walmart. All Walmart’s are to have the cartridges displayed by July 1, 2010! Get out there and find your favorite to share with all of us!

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