Guys, If You e Thinking About Cheating…

Guys, If You
e Thinking About Cheating…

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  1. If you’re thinking about cheating on your girlfriend or wife with another woman, I want you to sit down and really read this article. There are always going to be temptations, so it’s likely that this won’t be the last time you’ll be thinking this way. If you’re positive that you don’t love your woman anymore, then please, do yourself a favor and let her know. Being in a relationship with someone you don’t love is terrible enough, so if you only consider her baggage for whatever reason, then tell her calmly and end things on a positive note. This article is geared for the men who do love their women, or are unsure due to the presence of another lady in their lives.

    It’s a common situation: you and your woman are happy together, you have a healthy sex life; everything seems fine. But whether it’s her friend or your friend, an old flame or someone you saw sitting behind your love at a restaurant, a new interest can spark unexpectedly. If you made the decision to spend more time with this new infatuation of yours with the intent of exploring possible chemistry between you two, then you have to ask yourself why you cared for the chemistry in the first place. Is everything in your current relationship not going as well as you thought they were? Or are you imagining problems simply because you’re more interested in this other woman in your life?

    As tempting as it may be, step back and really examine how things are with your current girlfriend or wife before you tumble into anything you may regret later. Don’t take advantage of how much your woman trusts you to spend time with this other one. If you really love her as much as you believe you do, as much as you have shown her during the length of your relationship, then take a breather. Talk to your girlfriend or wife, without giving anything away, and learn how she thinks things are going. If she adores you, smiles when she sees you, and clearly tells you that she feels things are fine, then take that into consideration.

    How you feel about this new lady was likely how you felt about your woman in the honeymoon stage of your relationship. It is understandable to mistake these new feelings to be stronger than the ones you already have for your partner. It is also up to you to determine if you wish to act on these passions as opposed to keeping your long-term commitment with your woman. If you’re set on starting anew, then end your relationship and get rid of any possible stress from sneaking around.

    If you decide that this second woman is not worth compromising your relationship, then put some distance between the two of you. Re-connect with your girlfriend or wife. Go out with her, while keeping your eyes on her and only her. Treat her to an event she’s been meaning to go to. Overall, just do the things you enjoyed doing for her and with her in the beginning of your relationship. Keep doing those things. The foundation of a relationship can crumble sometimes, but it is up to you to be honest with yourself. Realizing that you still want to be with your woman is a great first step. Working with her to keep the flame burning between the two of you is a team effort that should never stop. Her willingness to work with you is a sure-fire sign that she’s a keeper.

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