Halloween Candy Bowl

Halloween Candy Bowl

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  1. Halloween is one of the most highly-anticipated holidays of the year, especially for children.  Dressing up in a costume and going out trick-or-treating is great fun for kids…and think about all of the candy!  Well, adults can have a lot of fun with trick-or-treating, too, by choosing one of the many exceptional types of Halloween candy bowls on the market today.

    Handing out candy to the costumed children is much more enjoyable when you use a candy bowl that you really like.  These days, you can find themed bowls in many different stores both online and in local stores.  Here are some of the styles of candy bowls from which you can choose:

    • Animated Halloween Bowls:  You may see candy bowls with attached skulls that move and speak.  Some bowls feature a skeleton hand that “hides” under the candy, only to rise up when someone reaches for a piece.  There are also Freddy Krueger bowls; these contain Freddy’s famous bladed glove.  An online search may unearth more unique styles of animated Halloween bowls.
    • Personalized Halloween Candy Bowls:  Some families enjoy having a candy bowl that has been personalized with their name.  Several styles of these bowls are available; however, they are usually easier to find online.  These bowls may have the family’s name painted on alongside other Halloween graphics.  Or, they could include the family name in a phrase, such as “Treats from the Smiths.”
    • Elegant Candy Bowls:  If you prefer a more formal setting for your home, you may like a fancier Halloween candy dish.  Many stores sell ceramic or glass bowls in pumpkin, ghost, witch, or other seasonal shapes.  Some of these look very stylish and would add a chic touch to your home.
    • Decorative Halloween Bowls:  Some candy bowls are quite stylized and intricately designed.  For example, you may find a paper mache bowl created in the shape of a spider, complete with legs and an oversize head.  Or, you could find a large plastic bowl in the shape of a carved pumpkin.  Perhaps you might see a wire bowl that resembles a spider web.  Some stores also sell inflatable bowls in various styles.  The types of decorative Halloween candy bowls you find will depend upon where you shop.

    Whichever style of candy bowl you prefer, you are certain to find quite a few choices if you shop around online and locally. Start looking for your Halloween candy bowl early so that you can find one that you truly like.

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