1. Happy Halloween!

    Halloween is one of the most unique holidays of the year. Whether you are a traditionalist or someone who likes to change how they celebrate Halloween each year, Halloween is a time of dressing up, scaring your friends and eating candy. Here is a complete guide to how to celebrate your Halloween right.

    The History of Halloween

    Halloween is a time of tricks, treats and outrageous costumes. But the history of Halloween is not what you would expect. From how Halloween actually originated, to how Halloween made its way over to the United States, it is always interesting to know how this holiday became a part of our popular culture here in America.

    History of Halloween
    Halloween candy

    Halloween Candy Essentials

    Everybody knows that the highlight of Halloween is the candy. Children want to get the best candy and parents want to know the candy that will make their house the most popular house on the block (and the coolest serving dish to scare the trick-or-treaters). Halloween cuisine is one of a kind whether it is spooky or sugary.


    Carving Pumpkins and A Lot More

    What would Halloween be without going to your favorite pumpkin patch and picking our your favorite pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern? Jack-o-lanterns have become a Halloween tradition in America. It is interesting to know how we came to adopt carving pumpkins for this holiday, it is important to know how to carve a pumpkin safely, and what to do with the remains. Pumpkin seeds make a delicious and healthy holiday snack!

    Jack O Lantern
    Halloween costumes

    Halloween Costume Ideas: How to Dress Up on Halloween

    People of all ages like to dress up for Halloween. This year the costumes that top the charts include Lady Gaga and Jersey Shore. Find ways to make these costumes your own and give it an individual twist! When in doubt, go all out.

    How to Scare Your Trick-or-Treaters

    Regardless of whether or not you dress up, carve pumpkins or consume your weight in Halloween candy, it is a universal agreement that Halloween is all about the spooks. Whether you create a haunted house to scare your trick-or-treaters or try to scare people with scary stories, Halloween is a time to scare others all in good fun.


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