Snow White Costumes

Snow White Costumes

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  1. Snow White Costumes Made Simple:

    Where to Buy the Best and How to Make Your Own

    Snow White is Disney’s first princess, and has been a favorite among children and adults since the movie’s debut in 1937. This much beloved character is still one of the most popular costumes for Halloween and cosplay events. And, with the recent movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, an even bigger following has been created. Through the years, there have been a number of variations on the costume, especially from some people who are crafty enough to make their own.

    Out of any store that sells costumes, the official Disney store has, by far, the best Snow White costume for little girls. It looks very similar to the actual dress in the movie, although this one has a bit more pizzazz. The bodice and waistline are trimmed in gold ribbon, while the sleeves and skirt are decorated with glitter. This dress is a sure-fire way to make a little girl truly feel like a princess. It doesn’t stop there. Disney also has a matching headband, a wand, and light up blue heels to make the outfit complete, each sold separately.

    Aside from the Disney store, a quick Google search for Snow White costumes will pull up an almost overwhelming number of results.,, and all have a large selection of dresses to choose from.

    Popular styles for children seem to be a bodice with ruffled sleeves with a knee-length tutu-style skirt. Accessorize it with white stockings, a red headband, and glittery flats (or red ballet shoes for infants). For adults, the favorite styles seem to be varied. While there are the traditional Snow White dresses with the long satin skirt and ruffled sleeves, many women decide that Snow White needs to be sexier. They too have embraced the short, fluffy, tutu skirts, and often pair it with a corset-style top. A pair of white thigh-highs and some glittery high heels, and suddenly the Snow White you knew has blossomed into a knock out. This style is extremely popular around Halloween for adult costume parties, as well as many science fiction convention and cosplay events, such as Comicon or Dragon Con. Costumes for children and adults generally range from $20 to $50, but can also be picked up for less if you’re fortunate enough to find one at a thrift or consignment store.

    If you want a bit of dramatic flair and elegance, try a theatrical costume. These are usually higher quality than most, as they are made with rich fabrics such as velvet, brocade, and sating, and adorned with intricate and delicate trim. Theatrical costumes, as a general rule, come with a hefty price tag. If you’re a lucky soul, you might be able to scour Ebay and Amazon for a relatively inexpensive one, say $50-$75 as opposed to the normal over $100. For a one-time event, also check your local costume shop. They have a ton of costumes and accessories that can be rented for a certain period of time for a reasonable price.

    For a bit more individuality, try making your own. Simplicity and McCalls have amazing patterns from easy-sew to more realistic. If you go this route, keep an eye on Hobby Lobby’s sales; often they have patterns for $1 as opposed to the normal $15. Your price, of course, will vary depending on the pattern and materials required for costume of your choice. If you aren’t sewing savvy, a tank top or t-shirt decorated with glitter paint and a no-sew tutu skirt make adorable and easy costumes for everyone. Children will even enjoy decorating them. A quick Google search, and you’ll find simple instructions for not only the tutus, but also how to make your own glitter shoes.

    Walt Disney would be pleased that his adaptation of the Brothers Grimm tale still lives on in the hearts of children of all ages.

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