Girl Costumes

Girl Costumes

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  1. One of the great joys of having a little girl in the house is their love of dress up.  Who can resist a little one dressed up in mom’s heels, or dad’s work shirt?  All this makes Halloween as good as Christmas.  Girls’ Halloween costumes are so cute usually the question this time of year is not "what will be my little girl be for Halloween," but rather, "how do we narrow it down."

    First off, ask the kid in question.  Even two year olds will usually have a strong opinion on likes or dislikes, and can communicate that clearly!  That ability only increases as they age, as anyone who has kids can attest.  For a little girl that maybe has too many ideas, narrow it down to a favorite T.V. show, movie or book. 

    What Girl Costumes are Trendy This Year?

    Popular girl costumes this year revolve around some of the most current movies.  For example, Jessie from Toy Story is the best selling girls costume at, an online retailer.  Other popular girl costumes from around the Internet are fancy witch costumes–something a bit different than the basic black here, pink super hero costumes (a pink Spiderman or Superman, for example), Alice in Wonderland, and of course princess costumes.  Older girls (tweens and above) are enamored of vampire costumes-both classic and Bella Swan twilight style, pirates, movie star glamour girls costumes, and hippie costumes.

    Where to Buy?

    Almost all big box retailers have costumes these days.  Buy early for best selection.  Highly popular girls costumes will sell out early, so if your child will not sleep at night unless she is Cowgirl Jessie for Halloween, save yourself the heartache, and buy now.  Another route is online.  If you know exactly what you want, I highly recommend this as the way to go.  Online costume retailers often have better selections, and prices are comparable with your local big box store.

    If budget is a concern, don’t turn your back on your local thrift store.  Although it is harder to look for a specific costume here, if your girl has a somewhat open mind, this can be a treasure trove of ideas, and prices are better than reasonable.  One caveat, the thrift stores for Halloween are no longer a secret.  Shop here early in the season for best selection.  Another option is eBay.  Folks are selling last year’s Halloween costumes now, and eBay’s searchable listings makes it easy to look for a specific girls costume.  Again, prices are usually better than average, though don’t buy before checking the shipping costs.  Also verify a seller’s feedback and rating before placing your bid.

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