Costume Masks

Costume Masks

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  1. The month of October brings with it Halloween and the once-a-year chance to dress up. You want to put together perfect costume but something is missing. Is it a mask?  Masks are a quick and easy way to finish off your outfit and add another touch of personal flair.

    Buy A Mask

    A quick search of "Halloween mask" or "costume mask" will turn up loads of sites selling masks grotesque or adorable. The cost estimate for a plain, plastic mask is $15 from most sites. Specific styles include animals and famous people categories as well as seasonal spook variations.

    $50 or more will buy you a nicer mask of latex or cloth. Make sure you have a place to store your mask and note the proper cleaning instructions, especially with latex. Masks at higher prices are more detailed and realistic looking. 

    Other places to buy masks are your nearest Halloween supply stores. You’ll find the years’ most popular styles and have the chance to try the mask on.

    Make A Mask

    Have a craft kit that’s been languishing in a cabinet for years? Have a shirt that covered in sequins or glitter you never wear but haven’t gotten rid of either?  Turn them in supplies for a mask.

    A plain, white plastic masks costs about $1. Individualize it with feathers, sequins or permanent markers and use superglue to attach everything. Buy these items in bulk and host a mask making party.  Keep the leftovers for Mardi Gras. Think of ridiculous themes for you and your friends like your favorite food personified. Turn all of the kids into Vaudeville stars.

    An old cereal box cane be cut into a custom shape with an X-acto knife. To hold it on, try one quarter inch elastic or elastic cording, available at craft stores for around $3 a bundle. This option gives is the ultimate freedom for having a unique mask. Always wanted to be that obscure character from a movie nobody knows? Here’s your chance.  Plus, homemade items always get great comments. 

    Paint It On

    This option has several benefits. For those of you who don’t like things on your mouth and nose, face paint is a great option. A basic kit starts at around $10 and premium kits can cost upwards of $100. Of course, you have to take several things into account with these prices. You’ll get multiple uses out of one kit and could share the cost with friends. Plus, you’ll have it for next year when you want to put together an entirely new costume.

    Consider making this a family affair. Choose a category and paint everyone an animal or your favorite  favored characters from a story or game. The kids want to be animals but the parents prefer ghosts? One kit will suit all your needs.

    Have Fun

    Whatever you choose, have fun with it. This is your yearly chance to go crazy and be normal all at once. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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