Couple Costumes

Couple Costumes

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  1. It’s time again for Halloween parties, and for the only chance we adults have to play dress-up.  There are more couples costumes than you might think, and coordinating costumes with your partner is a very imaginative way to go. Before we talk about what’s hot for couples, let’s go over some Halloween "don’ts".


    Sexy costumes are… well, sexy, but unless you plan to party at the Playboy Mansion, they may be inappropriate.  Few of us have bodies that rival the models on the package, and we will likely feel uncomfortable and a bit silly.  If you can’t resist the urge to show some skin, go with the costumes that will be naturally skimpy.  Some of these in the couples costume category would be Greek Goddess or Gladiator, 1920s Flapper or French Maid.  Steer clear of the sexy soldier or gartered gangster… these costumes just try too hard.

    Other costumes were cool once, but their day has long since passed.  Jack Sparrow is over (sorry, guys), as are vampires and witches.  Cutting eye holes in a pair of sheets may be kitchy and fun, but it’s not exactly a conversation starter.  The same goes for the  "This IS my Costume" t-shirts.  They were clever when they first came out, but now it’s just a buzzkill.  Get creative.

    So Out It’s In

    Costumes in this category include superheroes OTHER than Superman, Spiderman or Batman.  Aquaman is an offbeat but recognizable choice, and your partner can be a dolphin or any other sea creature.  X-men are all still popular… heroes like Wolverine never die.  Video game characters are iffy unless they’re universally known (think Mario Brothers and Pac-Man), but it really depends on your social circle.

    There are many costume ideas that are fun and might work for both of you.  The offerings online include a Fred and Wilma Flintstone combo for $29.99 and $52.99.  Another great choice for couples is the "I Dream of Jeannie" idea.  While the Jeannie costume is more expensive at $48.99, any dark blue uniform works when designing your Major Nelson suit.  Great ideas for couples are all over the Web. Voodoo Priest and Priestess costumes are around $45.99.  You can also play with ideas regarding anything that we think of as being a pair:  Salt and pepper, paper and pencil, bread and butter, plug and socket, dog and bone or sun and moon. 

    For any couple costumes, consider comfort as well as style and you’re guaranteed to enjoy a spooky kind of love this year.

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