How to Keep Your Living Room Clean and Orderly

How to Keep Your Living Room Clean and Orderly

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  1. Keeping your living room clean, tidy and attractive doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming or physically demanding. No, indeed. Your living room is most likely where the family "hangs out;" where TV is viewed, ideas shared, and relationships develop and grow. So, you want your living room to be inviting, comfortable and clean.

    Here are some items that you will need: an empty box or wastebasket, 2 cleaning cloths, a vacuum cleaner, and a dust mop.

    To make your living room a place where everyone in the family wants to be, there are a few tips to make this happen.

    First, several times a week place a large box or trash can and put it in the corner of the living room. Pick up anything that is on coffee or end tables or on the floor and put them in the trash can or a container where you can take the items to their destination–such as bedrooms, dining room or garage. Put the items away.

    Then, take several washcloths–making sure that one of them is moist and the other dry–and then clean off tables, mirror, TV screen and mirrors by using the damp cloth first and then drying off with the dry one. Once this is done, then place all books and magazines in a neat order on the coffee table or put back into the bookcase.

    Next, if you have time, sweep or dust mop your floors. When you have finished with these tasks, take some air freshener and spray the room, beginning at the end of the room and spraying in a circular fashion.

    Do the above cleaning at least two times a week or when needed. By cleaning on a regular basis, you will keep your living room clean, in order and a room your family will enjoy.

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