Top Weight Loss Diet Mistakes

Top Weight Loss Diet Mistakes

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  1. Many people who are desperate to lose weight are misguided by the false promises made by marketers of fad diets, pills and weight loss surgery. Not only do many of these schemes lead to weight loss failure, but some can lead to serious health problems and even death. The only way to achieve your natural weight loss goal is to disregard the promotional hype, and realize that the more outrageous a claim sounds, the more likely it will not benefit you.

    Genetic Predisposition to Obesity Can Be Lowered

    Some people are genetically predisposed to become obese. This doesn’t mean that they’re destined to gain excess weight, but that following a poor diet and lifestyle will dramatically increase their risk for obesity. These individuals are especially prone to making weight loss mistakes which compound their problem, making it even more difficult to make the proper food and exercise choices.

    The results of research published in the PLoS Medicine journal found that increased physical activity reduced the genetic predisposition for obesity by 40%. This clearly demonstrates that exercise as well as a properly balanced diet has a significant impact on the genes which control our metabolism and assist in weight reduction. Avoid the most common mistakes people make which lead to weight loss failure.

    Avoid Single Food Diets

    Over the years there have been a number of crazy fad diets which are based on eating a single food item or eliminating a category of food for weeks or months. Not only will this type of plan fail, but it can be dangerous as you miss important nutrients required for cellular function. While single food diets may help you lose weight initially, they aren’t sustainable and you’ll eventually regain any lost weight as you begin to eat freely again.

    Don’t Become Exclusively Vegetarian

    Many people become vegetarian with the misguided intention that it will drive weight loss. The problem is they replace meat with excess amounts of refined carbohydrates, sugar and starches which are all loaded with calories and pack on the pounds. Additionally, lean meat sources such as turkey and chicken provide important nutrients which you miss as a vegetarian. The best strategy is to fill up on plenty of fresh veggies, include foods from all nutritional categories, and restrict daily calories.

    Fat Free Doesn’t Mean Calorie Free

    The fat free craze has been around for the past 20 years and is a significant factor in the obesity epidemic and declining health rates. When you cut essential fats from your diet, you fill the void with carbohydrates, and excess carbs turn to fat which are then stored on your belly. It will likely take the next 20 years to reeducate people that eating the proper type of fats are good for your health and don’t lead to weight gain.

    As the number of people tipping the scales of overweight and obesity approaches 75%, many look for a quick fix to shed excess pounds and make very common weight loss mistakes along the way. Even if you’re genetically predisposed to gain weight, you can make dietary and lifestyle modifications which will deliver weight loss results. Successful weight loss is achieved by avoiding the most commonly promoted mistakes and following a reduced calorie plan which provides well balanced nutrition from all food groups.

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