Using FaceBook to Build A Platform

Using FaceBook to Build A Platform

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  1. Whether you are a writer, a musician, or someone who has invented the greatest mousetrap it is becoming increasingly important to learn how to market yourself. The goods news is, there are a number of outlets via the internet that are free or nearly free to enable connecting with people who either are looking for a book (or moustrap) like yours or who can help you in that endeavor. While there are many avenues of social media one can use to build a platform we are going to focus on FaceBook today.

    A word of caution: FaceBook can be the best thing that ever happened to you or it can be a black hole that sucks the productivity right out of you. If that’s the case you’ll enjoy the following video. After you’ve had a laugh, scroll below the video and let’s learn some basics about using Facebook as a social media platform.

    Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting
    • WHAT? – What product, service, or idea do you want others to know about through Facebook? This needs to be clearly defined. It’s not enough to leave comments like, "You ought ot hear this great song I wrote."
    • WHO? – Who do you want to connect with. Social media is all about making connections and connections with those connections. That is what networking is all about. Don’t think too small. If you take your time, join in the converstaion rather than forcing one, and learn something about the people you are connecting with you will be surprised at the friends you find through Facebook.
    • WHY? – Why are you seeking to connect with these people? If it is just so you can try and sell them something you won’t get very far. In fact, one of the most frequent negatives I hear from people is about someone they barely know trying to sign them up for something on Facebook. A platform is more about getting to know people and giving them a way to get to know you.
    • WHERE? – It’s great to network but the people you connect with need to see, hear, or experience what you have to offer. A professional looking web site or blog goes a long way towards convincing people to at least consider what  you are about. Don’t link to anything until it is ready. Better to have no web site or blog than one that looks like you’re three year old put it together.

    I Joined Facebook So What Now?

    This is where getting smart pays off. In future columns I will look at ways to target particular people effectively within your base of friends. For now, log on to Facebook and sign up for a Fan Page. It’s free and easy to set up. The fan page will allow you separate casual friends from those that are truly interested in what you are about.

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