Flea Medicine that Works for Cats

Flea Medicine that Works for Cats

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  1. Fleas can be a common problem for cats as well as the responsible cat owner. Most often, fleas are not prevalent on a cat unless your feline loves to venture in the great outdoors where many dangers lurk.  By all means, you should always monitor your pets for parasites when the seasons change and fleas are widespread, whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor pet.


    Fleas are a tiny brown wingless insect that uses its mouth to pierce the skin of your cat and suck out blood. As they do so, they also inject saliva under the skin and can create a multitude of problems for your pet aside from the discomfort associated with a rash, itching and scratching uncontrollably. There are many health issues associated with a flea bite. You can help with flea medicines for cats.


    It is best to prevent fleas and many products are available that is safe for the protection of the cat. It is important that the product you choose is cat-approved – flea preventatives used on a dog are not safe for use on your cat. Most of the preventatives work in multiple ways to prevent, kill and control fleas and their eggs. Some of the most popular and proven effective flea medicines for cats, veterinary and cat-approved are as follows:


    • Advantage – is a once-a-month topical ointment that repels and kills the fleas.
    • Frontline Top Spot – a topical ointment that not only repels fleas but ticks as well.
    • Frontline Plus – a waterproof medicine that repels and kills fleas and ticks in a topical form. This product is also effective against chewing lice and helps in controlling sarcoptic mange.
    • Revolution – a multiple medication to kill fleas as well as prevent other problems such as heartworm, hookworms and roundworms. Revolution can also control ear mites in cats. It is applied, as most of the topical medications, on the skin of the cat at the neck between the shoulders.
    • Capstar – This medicine is used in more severe cases to kill fleas within 30 minutes of the application. Capstar is in pill form and used in conjunction with Program to control and further prevent fleas and their eggs.
    • Program – This medicine comes in pill, injection and tablet form and works to control fleas and prevent eggs from hatching. Program is also known as lufenuron and is one of the oldest and most effective flea controls for your cat.


    It is best to practice preventative measures with flea medicines for cats before your cat is infested with fleas. Fleas have a history of causing other medical issues such as tapeworms associated with fleas as well as flea allergy dermatitis. Hemobartonella is a blood parasite transmitted by a flea which can lead to anemia. Cats and humans are still susceptible to the plague bacteria, transmitted from a flea. So, a flea is much more than just a nuisance. It can be a matter of life and death for your cat – but with proper care and preventatives, your cat can be protected and live a long, happy comfortable life.

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