How to Ask a Question on Experts123

How to Ask a Question on Experts123

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  1. Do you want to guarantee that your questions get answered? It can sometimes be nerve wracking hoping that the question you submit does not get lost in the collection of other questions.

    Sometimes on question and answer sites, a lot of questions fail to get answers for a number of reasons. There are a few simple steps that increase the probability that your question will be answered.

    1. Make sure you are asking a question.

      This might seem like a no-brainer, but actually phrase your question like a question. Include a question mark and correct phrasing. Instead of saying “I need a map of Germany,” ask “Where can I find a map of Germany?” It is amazing how correct formatting can increase the chances of getting your question answered.

    2. Be specific.

      You want to give as much necessary information as possible without seeming redundant or confusing. You want to avoid being vague as much as you want to avoid being too specific. Make sure you give enough information in the title of the question to give enough clarity to someone who will be able to answer it.

    3. Be concise.

      When you are asking a question, you want to give as much information as possible in as few words as possible. Think through what information exactly you are looking for. Put some thought into how you want to word your question.

      If your question is in too much detail, break it up into multiple questions. The chances of someone answering your question are much higher if your question is shorter and more concise. Plus, if you break up your long question into multiple questions, chances of someone answering at least one of them are much higher and much less work on their part.

    4. Proofread: Use correct spelling and grammar.

      Make sure to proofread your question. Capitalize the first letter and make sure that you are using correct spelling and grammar. Be careful to catch homonyms – words that sound the same but are spelled differently – because they can confuse someone who is looking to answer your question. Examples of commonly misspelled homonyms are “wear” vs. “where”, “except” vs. “accept”, “their” vs. “there” vs. “they’re”, and “bear” vs. “bare.”

    5. Classify your questions with the correct topics.

      Choose a topic that already exists when possible by choosing from the list of topics that appear as you type.  If the topic you want is not in the system, you may add it as a new topic.

      Read more at: How do I choose topics for a question on Experts123?

    6. Use common sense.

      When asking a question, think about whether or not it is capable of being answered easily. Otherwise it might be overlooked by others if it is too complicated.

    7. Do not post your question more than once.

      A lot of the time we get users who will post one question, and then post another one right after changing one or two words. Be patient – if your question is of quality it will be answered!

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